Robert Lindsay’s Opinion on Hardcore Racists

Yep, in my opinion this seems to describe typical people on Stormfront, The Daily Stormer etc.. It describes the super-wusses and super-bitches that was talking about in other articles:

Antisocial Features

Their antisocial behaviour does not meet DSM IV criteria for Antisocial personality disorder (ASP). They are contemptuous of social conventions and show a passive tendency to lie, steal, and mismanage money.
They may commit burglary, assault, or murder and they may even become leaders of sadistic or terrorist groups.

They are capable of feeling concern and loyalty for others (Kernberg 1992) but primarily for their disciples or blind followers. They realize that others have moral concerns, but they easily rationalize their antisocial
behaviour. They are adept at avoiding  detection (Kernberg 1992, Gunderson & Ronningham 2001).

Ego-Syntonic Sadism

The ego-syntonic sadism of MN is displayed by a characterologically-anchored aggression. It is expressed in a conscious ‘ideology’ of aggressive self-affirmation.
Individuals with MN have a tendency to destroy, symbolically castrate, and dehumanize others.

Their rage is fueled by the desire for revenge. They may present with chronic, ego-syntonic suicidal tendencies, but this rarely reflects depression. They become suicidal during crises and when, as masters of their own fate, they see suicide as something triumphant (Kernberg 1992).

Paranoid Features

Kernberg (1975) believes the paranoid orientation of MN may be the basic cause of their self-inflation. The paranoid tendencies in malignant narcissists reflect their
projection of unresolved hatred onto others whom they persecute. They have a deep sense of mistrust and view others as enemies/fools or idols, either devaluing or idealizing them.

They have disorganized superegos and
consequently lack the capacity for remorse, sadness, or self-exploration. They are preoccupied with conspiracy theories. Their pathological grandiosity is a defense against paranoid anxiety. Paranoid regression in therapy can lead to episodes of psychosis (Kernberg 1975).

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2 thoughts on “Robert Lindsay’s Opinion on Hardcore Racists”

  1. The NS I follow on Twitter stresses the importance of rejecting ego. You have a chip on your shoulder about WNs. We all have our biases. Men tend to feel strongly one way or the other.

    I look at both sides. I’ve scoured the web looking for a Jew’s Jew to make a good argument. Without Judeophiles and sheep, Jews would not have a lot of fans.

    Romantics have blinders on but are interesting. The brainwashed are blind but innocent.

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