People Shouting Snowflake Are Indeed Snowflakes Themselves!

Yep, that’s right, another narcissist. Another psycho kid like MacCauly Culkin on The Good Son.  These super-wusses are sissies all right, but they’re no laughing matter! They might put rat poison in your food!

They’re definitely capable of plotting forms of “terrorism” against you, but often it’s just “organized verbal bullying,” but that kind of stuff can really tick people off! And worse than that, you can’t bash in the skull of the little creep who is arranging it on on his cellphone! But would it stop with just verbal stuff? Nothing’s off the table for malignant narcissists!

But the narcissist has developed a whole mythology to make himself seem cool while making you out to be an idiot. Case in point:  they will call you lazy, a wuss, and a baby, and they will happily take on the righteous causes of the White working man or even the crime fighters, as if one of these faggots would ever last one day in the police force themselves!

How Did This Arise?

Well, bad parenting by people who are obnoxious pricks themselves. Now, it’s not always spoiling per se that causes the situation because often these types are raised very strictly. However, something doesn’t get through to them when they are growing up. They don’t develop normal empathy and humility. After all, strict parenting doesn’t always create good kids. It only does if it’s done correctly.

I envision a situation where the parents try to raise a kid well, but the kids just sneak around the parents and keep acting like monsters, while the parents’ hypocrisy on moral matters doesn’t help.


We can’t rule it out but definitely they would be a huge obstacle in raising a kid who isn’t a dickhead.

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