Jason’s on a Roll

Sup, @Jason? Dang, nigga. You done posted 14 whole posts in the last 24 hours. And I thought I was the graphomaniac.

Sheeit, I thought all along this was the Robert Lindsay Show, but now @Jason comes along, and it’s the Bob and Jason Show! Maybe we should invest in hand puppets?

Oh well, it’s all good times. Good times, good times. Good times and then ya die. And that’s if you’re lucky.

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One thought on “Jason’s on a Roll”

  1. I have to admit the Bob and Jason thing has quite a ring to it. You both complement each other in a way, Jason’s the Yin to your Yang and vice versa.

    I just think Jason’s more pathos, somewhat like King Lear, which isn’t a bad thing. That’s just the way he is – probably 500 shades of dark, not just fifty.

    The Bob is sunnier. Forever the pimp and hustler.

    At the moment, this blog is practically the closest thing I have to a “family”. Sure I have real live family members, but everyone distances themselves from me.

    So drum on with the Bob and Jason Show.

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