Alt Left: Can Race Play/Racial Humiliation Can Ease Racial Tensions?

Pantheist: Perhaps race play/racial humiliation can ease racial tensions?

Yeah I don’t know about that, man. Consider that in a form of Black/White raceplay, the Black woman gets off on being called a nigger, monkey, coon, ape, jig, all that stuff. I have met a number of Black women into that stuff, and they specifically asked me to call them all those names during sex.

I wasn’t really into it honestly. If I’m in bed with a Black woman, I don’t really feel like calling her a nigger, for Chrissake. Although maybe this is just normal sex in the Current Year. I guess I’m just too much of a nice guy for this porned out world we live in now.

Back to the question. For some reason I don’t think that calling Black women niggers isn’t exactly going to ease racial tensions, ya know? Ha ha.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Can Race Play/Racial Humiliation Can Ease Racial Tensions?”

  1. Jews get into Nazi bondage.

    Blacks like to be degraded racially.

    I think people should support who they want to fuck. Jewish Nazis and Black Klansmen would not be uncommon if men were fully guided by their sexual preferences.

  2. In prison, all PC is off the table. I’m sure everyone is calling everyone the worst names possible. But be sure you’ve got a racist gang on your side or it will eventually lead to violence/death.

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