But Shouldn’t We Feel Compassion for Malignant Narcissists?


We should but they’re just not very lovable people. It would take an angel to love someone like that! Guys like me know their type, and we are scared – in a sense – of them because they’re human demons. They’re the sorts you don’t want in your personal life beyond the Internet, and you may not even want them there.

But What If They Could Be Treated?

The best idea is to just not create a kid like that in the first place. Do everything in your power not to!


Fifty-two percent of people suffering from
personality disorders achieve remission in 1.3 years of treatment (Perry & Bond 1999).

Effective psychotherapeutic interventions include confrontation (for defensive and regressive transference) supportive,
exploratory or expressive therapy and the development of a strong therapeutic alliance (TA) (Gabbard & Twemlo 1994).

Obstacles to effective treatment include poor motivation, using defensive ‘invincible armor’ of power (Clarkin et al. 1999), sadistic injury, superior IQ, lack of remorse and lack of capacity for attachment.

Positive prognostic factors include the capacity for loyalty, remnants of genuine concern for others, a sense of remorse, being gifted or talented in some life skills, being attractive, and having self discipline (Stone 1989).

As the article is stating, how can they be treated?

Well, malignant narcissists – as you can see from observations on movies and the Net – are totally brainwashed themselves, but paradoxically, they think those attacking them are “brainwashed” sheeple. What are the odds the defendants at Nuremberg felt any remorse at all?

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2 thoughts on “But Shouldn’t We Feel Compassion for Malignant Narcissists?”

    1. One group of MNs vs another. It’s only sad Normies have to be caught up in the slaughter aka: World War II. How many Clark Kents had to die for these psycho idiots?

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