Is Being a Dreamer O. K., or Does It Always Turn One into a Trump?

Nothing wrong with making a name for yourself, and lots of people do just that without turning into psychos. I don’t think delusions of grandeur are always signs of narcissism, at least not at a dangerous level.

The problem with malignant narcissists vs people just wanting a reward for life’s efforts is that narcissists believe they are superior to everyone. They have no humility and this mixes with their dreams of unlimited success. Elitism is the wrong attitude, but it’s an attitude often fed by life itself. Many parents think it’s perfectly normal to be a good parent.

However, this attitude often morphs into arrogance as narcissists try to parent adults, and even worse, try parent the whole society. In other words, they can’t shut up with their fucking helpful opinion on everything! Other things get throw in. The person thinks their race and social class are superior. All of these ingredients go into this “cunt soup” that forms the narcissist’s personality.

On social media you can see a lot of narcissistic preachiness, often disguised as humor. But when it’s playing 24/7 every hour on the hour, this material loses its sense of humor, and you end up wanting to smash the poster into a wall!

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