500+ Years of Blacks Getting Cucked

But of course, the standard response from WNs – even @Robert Lindsay – will be “I don’t care!”   Many WNs will bring up long arguments about Muslim humiliation – anything to change the subject.

But Now

Whites are getting cucked and it’s such a shameful sight that I just want to kick one of those sissy-boys myself, frankly!!

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2 thoughts on “500+ Years of Blacks Getting Cucked”

  1. You’re a real wild card, Jason. All this anti-bully talk and you want to kick a lowly sissy-boy right in his fruity fruits.

    1. Well, I’m not whining about bullying or bullying done to me. I’m just saying kids are “just that way,” and how to deal with it. But the picture of breaking the law, doing drugs, etc. is disturbing.

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