This Is Why Sports Are So Popular in Middle/High School

Not only does it drive revenue to the school and support future college/pro players, but it’s simply a way “to show you’re not a chicken,” aside from being a daredevil (doing drugs, being the guy to pull the fire alarm etc.).

The thing is, as mentioned in another article, kids simply don’t respect anyone but jocks and daredevils. They hate introverted nerds; they hate big-mouths who haven’t proven themselves, they hate gays – have I left anyone out? It’s definitely a cruel, cruel world out there, and we can see why sports is worshiped in schools and why anti-drug and anti-bullying campaigns never work.

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One thought on “This Is Why Sports Are So Popular in Middle/High School”

  1. I can understand why men are into sports. Men have always had a strong urge to conquer, dominate and be victorious. If you can’t achieve this on your own, you will live vicariously through your favorite sports teams, idols, and porn.

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