“There’s a Little Jew in Every German”

Jason: In the new antisemitism – maybe post-Darwin – it’s all about race, so the Jew who coverts doesn’t make a difference.

This was one of the saddest things about the Nazi type of racial antisemitism or new antisemitism. A lot of European Jews, especially in Germany, had converted out of Judaism – usually to Christianity – and the Nazis rounded them up anyway if they had a Jewish mother.

And in Germany a lot of Jews had converted out, often to Protestantism. There’s a saying in Germany, “There’s a little Jew in every German,” and it’s true to an extent. Which makes the Holocaust even more weird because it was basically very watered-down Jews (Nazis) calling much more pure Jews (the actual named Jews) “Jews” and killing them. So in a way the Holocaust was Jews killing Jews!

It’s hard to see Nazis as Jews, but I’m sure a lot of them had a little Jewish blood. Jewish blood in Germany was such a huge problem though that the Nazis had to devise all sorts of odd rules about who was a Jew. If your father was a Jew, a lot of times, you just got off scot free. Not necessarily always though.

A huge number of half-Jews served in the German Army, and I there even a figure tossed around that 300,000 half-Jews served in the SS! I’m not sure how true that is, but if it is true, it is shocking because the SS was truly vicious antisemites. The Nazis needed to draw the line somewhere about who was a Jew because otherwise they would have had to kill half the country ha ha.

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9 thoughts on ““There’s a Little Jew in Every German””

  1. Oh, the SELF HATE – lol. Well, it’s not surprising. I mean, don’t you think the Haitian mixed elite don’t look down on the general population?

    1. Yep, in Haiti, those are the half-niggas looking down on the full niggas, who have the outrageous demerity to dare to be full-on niggas! How dare they! We elites ain’t full niggas! We mix a little cream in our coffee! We’re civilized!

      1. Well, you also gotta figure the half-types are going to be picked on by the “full” because of jealousy mainly, so they (the half types) would want to stick with their own kind and they would gradually evolve into being snooty/snobby.

        1. Yes, the more full Blacks pick on lighter-skinned and mulatto Blacks. That’s quite clear and there is huge evidence for this.

          But Blacks also pick on very dark-skinned Blacks. They also pick on Blacks who have more prominent African features such as full lips, etc. Mostly the women in both cases.

          No one really cares about a more dark-skinned or African-featured Black man all that much for some reason.

          1. I’ve seen Black mothers call their own babies monkeys. Imagine having no father and shit mom like that.

    2. Jason: Oh, the SELF HATE – lol.

      Yeah, it is sort of funny in a totally sick, fucked-up way, huh? I really hope the Holocaust Deniers get a hold of this theory of mine. I can see it now:

      We neo-Nazis are dindus! We dindu nuffin! The Nazis were all a bunch of kikes themselves! It was all kike on kike massacres! Not that that’s a bad thing wink wink ha ha.

  2. I will decide who is a Jew.

    – Hermann Goering

    A number of Jews served the NS, even as poster boys. A # of Jewy Jews probably Lugered full German-Americans. I believe the SS had a branch that only fought battles. They had strict race standards early on, but later in the war they loosened up a bit.

    “Hey Woody, go fetch that Jew a Gew 43!”

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