The Only People with Respect in Middle/High School

Generally speaking, it’s only jocks and daredevils. Even a bigmouth isn’t respected because people will just say, “Blah blah blah” and call you a cocksucker. So much for attempted extroversion.

It’s just like a prison in a way. You simply aren’t respected until you go through an initiation.  For instance, I was watching Locked up Abroad, and this woman was attacked in the prison shower (O.K., I thought the woman was hot!), and then she cut the lead bully with a razor. After that, nobody bothered her in the prison.

Will This Ever Change?

Despite the efforts of SJWs it will never change, even if the current anti-bullying campaigns keep going and there is even more racial integration. It seems ingrained in human nature – this hatred of chickens.

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