Malignant Narcissism: From Fairy Tales to Reality

Malignant Narcissism: From Fairy Tales to Reality

If you want to know the sort of stuff I read all day, here is an example. This was actually very hard to read. Not so much hard to understand but hard to put all of these ideas into my head and walk around with them. You think this is easy to understand? Fine. Read it and then tell me exactly what it said about all of this. You’re going to have to recite almost the whole document to me, as this thing is packed with valuable ideas in nearly every sentence.

I think most of the information here is correct. This article is quite unlike the typical medical model stuff you see in US psychiatric journals, which I have read extensively in off and on for almost 30 years now, in case any of you think I don’t know anything about mental health.

I am not sure how well-tested a lot of the suppositions here are, but from the tone of this article, it seems that the majority of people come out of their families pretty screwed up in the psychiatric sense of the word. And keep in mind that this field is all about minimizing the number of people who are diagnosed as nuts. Believe it or not we want to diagnose as few people as possible as nuts for a lot of reasons.

Also, there is a strong sociopolitical message here which seems quite leftwing. I couldn’t believe that this was published in any US psychiatric journal, so I looked up where it was published, and sure enough, it was published in a journal in Croatia.

Croatia having gone through 46 years of Communism. The population likes to claim it is cured, but I don’t think so, and having worked closely with a lot of Croatians lately on a piece I am working on (presently 250 pages), I think that leftwing values are still quite common here whether they admit it or not.

Anyway this piece had a lot of great information in it, albeit packed in real tight and hard to digest at once or at all for that matter. If you’re interested in what sort of stuff I spend my time reading or if you have any interest in abnormal psychology, you are free to check it out.

Also, our very own president is absolutely a malignant narcissist, so if you want to understand Donald Trump, look no further. Let’s just say, for starters, that malignant narcissism is the “personality of the dictator.”

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3 thoughts on “Malignant Narcissism: From Fairy Tales to Reality”

  1. Trump is definitely a sacred cow to the rightwing as much as gays are to the Cultural Left, so no matter how psycho he is, he’s still untouchable.

    Anyway, I don’t blame anyone in wanting to “make a name for themselves,” but it can go into overkill. I mean, look at Trump’s obsession with his own name. It’s a little sick. But a lot of artists (musicians, authors) do use their own name. But myself, I’ve never been comfortable with it, so I use other names.

    1. Did you actually look at that article? Did you try to read it? Damn man, props to you if you did. That’s some dense stuff.

      1. Well, I’m trying to read more of it. But what it seems to be painting is what you would call a “super-wuss” or a “super-bitch”.

        Anyway, this whole thing I think is a scary byproduct of “new parenting”. In other words, kids are brought up to think they’re special and royalty, and the result is a scary thing that seems irreversible even if some drill instructor tries to reverse it.

        Now, all kinds of shit feeds into this thinking – especially from the rightwing – because it’s telling people that their race is superior (either openly or subliminally) and that people are down and out deserve what they got.

        Now, these people develop some slick mythology to make it “seem like” other people are wusses, and they themselves are cool people with compassion. Maybe they will take up the cause of the “white working man,” – as if they really give two rat turds about it – LOL.

        Warning signs of these bitches and wusses is when they are teens, and they disrespect everyone, they feel bored about everything – basically, they think everyone owes them something (everyone is entertainment for them) – something which, funny to say – they blame others for having a problem with.

        Now, there could be some spoiled lefty types with a similar disorder. Maybe I will research that soon, but the ones I’ve encountered are like the above.

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