Genociding the White Race?

But who is generally falling for this other than larger White women – who frankly, White guys have an unreasonable prejudice against?

Anyway, as @Robert Lindsay noted, most people choose their own kind, even with legal right to not. O.K., I admit that Jews are probably promoting race-mixing, but it never has worked. They might occasionally be able to get some thin White lady whom White guys drool over to get a Black guy, but generally it’s not the case.

Anyway, the situation before supposed “Jewish Rule” was forced segregation. In other words, if a White person were to marry, they had to marry a White person or they broke the law. That’s wrong.

The motive behind it was this “hillbilly Jim Crow” fear of rape, and note, of course, that the strongest laws were in the South. It’s because Blacks hadn’t gotten over the rape image they had after Reconstruction when the Southern Whites figured out and even witnessed that Blacks wanted to get even.

Abortion, Non-White Immigration, and the Modern Way of Life

This is pretty much doing in Whites and is a separate thing from interracial marrying/dating.

But I don’t know the solution – at least not to the modern way of life. How can you possibly have families like in the Old West?

Well, trackback on abortion, Blacks are also heavy hit by it, and that was the point of it, ironically (Margaret Sanger, etc.). So it seems like logically Jews would be against abortion for that reason! Explain that.


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