Doing Drugs to Gain Social Acceptance

Between 2004 and 2011, researchers from the American Academy of Pediatrics followed almost 5,000 students from Alabama, Texas and California. During the study, they interviewed the students when they were in fifth grade, seventh grade, and 10th grade.

Researchers concluded that students who were bullied when they were in the fifth grade were more likely to use marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco by the time they reached 10th grade.

The whole anti-drug thing, – noble as it is – is bound for failure because just telling people to not do drugs makes no sense.

I was thinking about the singer James Taylor and the probable reason why he did drugs. Well, he’s sensitive, lanky, and probably not on the sports team, so he would have been a target for bullies UNLESS he showed them he was this badass not afraid of a heroin needle. What are the odds of getting picked on after that? For some reason, I suspect druggies are simply not bullied.

It’s all about chicken-phobia and how kids won’t tolerate anyone but daredevils and jocks.

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