Typical Mean Boy Remark

You know what he said? He said, “You’re mother’s a whore and you’re a faggot.”


But did he really say that?

I think I would become the Joker after hearing that one over and over (mocking crying face).

Anyway, this is what shy kids in freshman math class get. This is what I dealt with. Huh? Stupid punk. He was one of those “cooler than thou” skateboard assholes. Also, this guy, who never let up on the bashing, was never impressed unless you became a daredevil.

So, in one class in my sophomore year, I wrote something mean on an unpopular teacher’s board, and then he was impressed and thought I was cool. In fact, in high school the only way I got out of the “hated thing” was by constantly doing dares.

So, what mean things were said to you as a youth? I’m dying to hear!!!

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