Believe It or Not (Unpopular Opinion) Gawking and Crudeness Has Never Been Acceptable at School or Work.

Nope, but these netizens on these “manly” forums have been saying otherwise! But who are netizens but probably disabled people, nerds, whatever who have been flat out rejected by women! They’re rejected and picked on, and so they flirt with Nazism and other empowering philosophies to cure the pain!

Huh? I mean give me a break. You’re saying there was a mythical time where women, out of fear of men, actually put up with gawking etc.? No way. Now it may have been easier to ask for dates, but mark my word, being a creep didn’t score points, not even in the 1950s!

But What About the Cunts?

Yeah, of course, like always in history, but a lot more nowadays, there are women out to get men. However, it’s difficult to figure when that’s going on and separate that behavior from just normal female repulsion toward creeps etc..

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3 thoughts on “Believe It or Not (Unpopular Opinion) Gawking and Crudeness Has Never Been Acceptable at School or Work.”

  1. Women never minded my gawks. I don’t get blowback from the girls I look at yet. I even give older women sympathy gawks to make them happy. Young Black women too. I’ve actually had older Black women encourage this.

    Young Latinas are flirty. I suspect they like older White men. They are more feminine, not feminist, and believe in marrying young.

    Asians seem ageless. I’m often trying to figure out their age. They don’t mind being looked at. I know some creepy old White guys. Asians are the only women that put up with them.

    Now to the sacred cow – young White women. The gap between young & old White women is huge. They often go from most desired in youth to least desired in old age. Gawking at young White girls makes the old Whites jealous & maybe protective. This behavior is typical for men, but for women it seems only young White girls need protecting. Young White White girls are seen as endangered species & prized trophies

    Americanized non-White women seem more jealous of young White girls. A Hmong in a Hmong community doesn’t care.

  2. Jason didn’t you get busted a couple of times on fake charges of flirting with women and staring at women? If so, I would be careful to defend this bullshit. What you are defending is precisely the mindset that got you busted a couple of times. Are you sure you really want to do that? I urge you to think again.

  3. We dealt with this shit just fine back in the day. That is, not at all from what I could tell. Yes every now and then a woman would give you the back off or knock it off notice. Then you just stop and put her on your Do Not Flirt blacklist. That’s how things were done back then, at least as far as I was concerned.

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