Chmielnicki Rebellion: A Case of Jewish Self-Centeredness and Hypocrisy

SHI: I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. So the Poles took care of the Jews for more than four centuries? Then one fine day they decide to hand them all over to the Nazis: no questions asked. No refunds. “Go fuck yourselves, Kikes.”

The Poles were not nice to Jews over the centuries. There were definitely pogroms in Poland during that period. I will discuss one rebellion below, and it definitely wasn’t the only one. When the Holocaust came around, Jews had already been dealing with very long-term antisemitism among Poles dating back sometime, possibly at least 300 years.

In the Chmielnicki Rebellion of the 1600’s, the Jews continue to fulminate because half the Jews (100,000 out of 200,000) got killed. That 1/3 of the total population got killed in the rebellion and especially in the subsequent Swedish invasion and conquest is left out.

Furthermore, the leader of this rebellion, a classic peasant rebellion against feudal lords, exhorted the Jews at the beginning of the revolt to come join them. “Oh Jews, come join us in our war against the lords!” They were actually willing to let the Jews fight on their side. Of course the Jews told them to piss off and sided with the lords like they always did. So of course in the anti-feudal rebellion, the allies of the lords, the Jews, indeed got targeted, and rightly so.

Look how shitty the Jews are about this though. “Evil Polish antisemite Nazis murdered one half of our people for no reason!”

Yeah, not really Jews. More like Jews sided with the evil feudalists in an anti-feudal peasant revolt during which, as typical in these revolts, the feudalists tended to get massacred. And what do you know, not only feudalists got massacred in this revolt but so did the sleazeball Jews who lined up with them. And anyway, in the same period. 1/3 of all Poles got massacred anyway! So Poles got slaughtered about as much as Jews did, and for much less of a good reason.

For Jews:


is worse than


Totally self-centered, non-empathetic pricks. Gee, I wonder why people don’t like ’em. That said, I do not regard recent pogroms and massacres in Europe to be a deserved punishment for whatever Jews did.

The Jewish POV is here. It does look like they hit the Jews pretty hard during this rebellion, though. Brutal stuff and hard to read.

N. B. I may not have portrayed the history and nature of this rebellion properly. Nevertheless, I know it is true that he called on Jews to join him, they refused and went over to the other side, and then they got killed. Sounds like they joined the wrong side in a war and paid for it as typically happens in such cases. Why would an evil antisemite Nazi even want Jews on his side on the first place?

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5 thoughts on “Chmielnicki Rebellion: A Case of Jewish Self-Centeredness and Hypocrisy”

  1. Poland was said to be “Heaven for Nobles, Hell for Peasants, and Paradise for Jews.” Poland was also said to be Jew-friendly since its founding in 1025 through the early Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Many Jews came to Poland to suck a Polish Lord’s sausage and do his bidding. Eventually the common man had enough of the Lords and their Jew dogs. So Poles are far from a nation of Jewboys.

    6,620 Poles allegedly saved Jews during WWII. I doubt most Poles hate Jews. Jews are White after all.

  2. Big picture: During the Middle Ages, the Polish aristocracy (probably descendants of Samaritan horsemen) invited in the Jews to serve as buffer-middlemen between them and the peasantry.

    Poland was an agrarian backwater on the fringes of civilization and totally lacked a merchant class, much less an urban trade economy. The practice of aristocratic elites employing Jews as moneylenders and tax farmers was of course nothing new at the time.

    When the peasants would get sick of being fleeced and milked, they’d lose their shit, and they’d rage against the Jewish middlemen instead of the nobility. The peasants were usually too dumb to realize who was actually responsible fucking them over.

    So uppity peasants would start lynching Jews when they reached their breaking point. Of course when these pogroms happened, the wealthiest Jews would get out of Dodge and be long gone from the area of commotion. As a result, the poorer Jews would serve as convenient meat-shields and die for (((the cause))). It seems that Yahweh sure does have a voracious appetite for the blood of his Chosen.

    1. These impoverished Jews: were they working as tax farmers and moneylenders for the Lords, or were only the rich Jews doing that? If they were not working as tax farmers and moneylenders, how were these poor Jews supporting themselves?

      If they ended up targeting only poor Jews in the Chmielnicki rebellion (which I’m not sure was the case, as half the Jews in Poland were killed), weren’t these poor Jews a bit at fault for not joining the peasant rebellion?

      Remember that Chmielnicki the horrible evil Nazi antisemite from Hell had actually called upon the Jews of Poland to come join him in his battle against the nobles. And all the Jews, rich and poor, blew him off. So basically they sided with the nobles, both rich and poor Jews did. Doesn’t seem very smart of them.

      I think the problem with Jewish moneylenders was that it was pretty common for serfs to get totally underwater with their debts for obvious reasons, and the Jews were quite vicious about trying to get their money back. And when you can’t pay back your loans, you might get pretty angry at the guy who loaned the money who won’t get off your case now.

      Didn’t the peasants ever rise up against the nobles and lords themselves? I thought that perhaps they did, but the lords and nobles were hard to get to as they had castles, fortifications and armies.

      Not being able to get at the nobles, the Jews were the next best target. So did the peasants try to get at the nobles and fail and then turn on Jews, or did they simply not see the nobles’ role and instead turn on the available symbol of noble power, the Jews?

      1. I need to brush up more on my history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which at its greatest extent was quite massive in size and included much of Eastern Europe west of the steppes.

        Re: the tax-farming bit, I imagine it was hierarchical, as in the rich Jews being the ones arranging the sweet deals in the noble’s castles, the less rich Jews serving as middle managers for the operation, and then the poor Jews being the ground-level lackeys who interfaced directly with (i.e. harassed and scammed) the lowly Slav peasant schleps, i.e. sold the them vodka and all sorts of misc. schlock and did whatever else they could to wring some extra kopeks out of them.

        Oy vey, what a miserable situation indeed.

        In the case of peasant revolts, I think the boss Jews knew where their bread was buttered. And toward the waning days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, things got run fun and dicey with the various Cossack revolts (which the rapidly-expanding Russian empire probably lent a lot of covert support to).

        Them Cossacks sure hated Jews and enjoyed killing them in batches, though funnily enough a few of the Cossack leaders might have been half-Jewish. Those were some wild times out on the fringes of civilization.

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