2 thoughts on “France’s Jews Seemed to Have Escaped the Holocaust”

  1. The Poles, Czechoslovaks, Hungarians, Latvians, and Lithuanians were only too happy that the Nazis took care of their Jew problem. Poland had 3 million Jews out of 3.3 million killed in Auschwitz and other concentration camps. Probably fewer Poles put their necks in the line to protect the Jews. Most were cheerleaders or hid in their homes while the Gestapo hounded the Jews up.

    What goes for the Poles goes double for the Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, and the Baltic nations. These people had no sense of honor. They valued their own pathetic lives more than their sense of duty towards fellow human beings. A bunch of cowards and big, fat pussies is how I’d describe the people of these nation.

    Also they’re all insecure smalldicked racists. I have actually been to these countries. They would have absolutely cheered the Nazis on. They still do. They can’t thank Adolf Hitler enough for making their lands Jew-free. Fuck them really.

    Even the French organized mass resistance against the Nazis throughout the four years of occupation. That’s considerably more grit and character than the cowardly Hungarians and Czechs.

    But the Danes definitely win my admiration. Only 80 dead Jews out of 5,700? Some would argue they had a tiny number of Jews in the first place. However, there was clear very little anti-Semitic feeling, as the Danes are an evolved people.

    1. Nobody helps the downtrodden – they just join the crowd! Well, sorry to bring it up AGAIN, but this is also what happens on the schoolyard.

      The downtrodden are “more than not” asking for it, but in some Buddha way, real people should be able to look above it.

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