Are Yankees Becoming Assimilated into the South?

Well, they probably would eventually, but they aren’t now for sure. Someone in comments was claiming the whole “immigration thing” wasn’t a big deal. Well, it’s a been big deal for quite a while because it will take a long time to de-Yankify outsiders – lol.

This seems like a joke, like some bumper sticker “Keep the South Beautiful” thing, but it’s actually no joke. Seriously, outsiders tipping red states to blue, with the help of the already present Black voters etc. is a serious threat!

Anyway, in the South before, rednecks tolerated liberals and Blacks like someone might a fly on their ham sandwich.

Slingblade Movie Spoiler

It’s kind of like the image of the gay guy, John Ritter, on Slingblade. You know. People were uneasy about him but they just left him alone, minus some bullies: Dwight Yoakum’s character, lol.

The Situation Now, Though

It’s very scary cause political violence is real, and I don’t need to bring up all the examples. I mean, even the resistance to the Civil Rights Movement was largely politically motivated: aka Mississippi Burning movie. Whites didn’t really feel scared about being around Blacks. They could just move away from them. However, they didn’t want Blacks ruling over them like in Reconstruction. This is just a theory.

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