You Can’t Silence a White Democrat in the South!

Nope, some techno-savvy White liberal hippie/elitist, whatever hasn’t been in prison and he’s not moving to a poor area. Well, I guess liberal areas along with poor areas can be messed with to decrease voting power, but…White democrats aren’t Black. It’s just not that easy! In fact, highly educated Whites, like Jews, aren’t going to be pushed around.

In this case, what hope do Virginia, North Carolina and future invaded states have in keeping the Republican Solid South?

Well, as noted in other articles, this spells out for terrorism from WNs, maybe Republicans too, – but I don’t see any change of government for the future. I mean, the UK and Northern Ireland went at it for years, and what came of it?

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5 thoughts on “You Can’t Silence a White Democrat in the South!”

  1. Aren’t there some NY Jews in the mud down there? The South was fairly Jew-friendly. They just didn’t like meddlers. Southern Jews may have been tamed by good God-fearing Southern Whites.

    Women can be self-destructive. They need to be tamed by a strong but not abusive pants-wearing man.

    Blacks were also tamed in the South, most obviously as slaves. Very low Black crime rates on the plantation. I don’t think we need to go full slavery, but full liberation has not been good these groups. Maybe oppress them just enough to show discipline and behave. Imagine a world with no man-hating feminists, no pushy Jews, and no Black street thugs.

    A big strong Black pulls out his razor blade just to give a gentleman his morning shave while a Jew washes his feet white. A woman just wanting to please her man and him acting in kind.

    1. How many of those “disciplined workers” were young white children being exploited for labor!?!??!!!??!?!

      As someone who has been called a “Cultural Marxist” on a somewhat regular basis, I would like to come forward and say that your argument is similar to saying homophobia is non-existent in Islamic countries, because they stone gay people!!!

      1. Cultural Marxist – like cuck – is just thrown at any White not sharing their narrow-minded, heartless views of humanity. But I do agree that too much compassion isn’t good for non-Whites or anyone, but there is a boundary line. There’s constructive criticism and there’s hate. They’re not the same.

      2. Weren’t you on the old site? I think I remember you. Anyway, WB and for the record, I don’t think you are too Cultural Left. You wouldn’t even be here if you were.

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