The South Is Red Only for This Reason

Again, a Yankee invasion is mainly stirring up the WNs

The reason my state hasn’t gone over is because there isn’t another group to tip the Black Democratic thing over to a majority. However, that’s changed in Virginia, North Carolina and anyplace where outsiders are moving to.

WNs and the like despise/hate Blacks, Mexicans, or whomever, but the real enemy of these groups, as in the Civil War, is White outsiders.

Tech companies, as noted, among other things, are attracting educated outsiders to areas once regarded as  too backward. Also, you have the Californians driven out by high housing costs caused by – guess what? You named it – tech companies – lol! These people are way more likely to vote Democrat than natives.

So the typical White Republican might despise Blacks/Mexicans, but the funny thing is they’re not a real threat to him. I mean he might get annoyed at welfare coming from his paycheck, but honestly the tipping point is when the Democrats become the master, and that seems to be happening in Virginia. In fact, it’s a repeat of Radical Reconstruction – scary times indeed!

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