“The Fringe” in WN Politics


Three suspected members of a white supremacist group face federal charges after the FBI apprehended them days before a gun rights rally in Virginia’s capital next week, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

The suspects are allegedly part of a fringe group known as The Base, and law enforcement officials say the timing of their arrests is related to the event in Richmond, which the men planned to attend. On Wednesday, Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency after receiving “credible intelligence” that armed militias and hate groups are expected to be present — increasing the potential for civil unrest at a gathering expected to draw thousands.

The Fringe wants destabilization, and according to the newspaper report I read yesterday, they’re not the majority. However, they’re onto something, and I think they will become the dominant thinking soon.

Well, the only thing WNs have going for them is this destabilization caused by “outside invasion” and not by Blacks, Mexicans, the usual – but by white liberals. In fact, Virginia is one such area – tipped over to a Democratic majority – in essence making the Joe the Plumber Republicans and WNs slaves much like after the Civil War.

Anyway, I don’t think WNs will get away with exploiting this to make a separate White ethnostate. Instead, it will just be endless terrorism much like in Palestine or Northern Ireland.

That’s why I still think WN plans are only going to boil down to endless terrorism, and it’s better to avoid politics even if you’re views are  Alt-Left or somewhat similar. It’s because there’s no solution – the Feds will not allow anything but the current USA to exist – even with all it’s over-PC, gay and tranny rights, open borders etc..

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