Alt Left: I Admire Blacks for Their Intellectual Honesty, No BS Thinking, and Telling It Like It Is

PB: Poles stayed in Detroit. Most Whites left, as Trash said. Can’t be easy to “save” there.

Some Poles are still in Detroit, right? Detroit’s like ~9

Even Blacks don’t want to live with Blacks, believe it or not. I mean they don’t mind living with their own kind, but they do not want to live in majority-Black places. When asked what sort of racial environment they prefer, most Blacks checked “diverse.” That would mean Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians and maybe Indians, etc.

I’ll say one thing for Black people. They aren’t stupid in some very important ways. Black people are very good at “adaptive” thinking.

They have a knack for cutting to the chase and getting right down to basics, screw all the emo BS. In the above case, instead of using emo thinking and thinking and saying they want to live in majority Black places, they’ve figured out with intellectual honesty that those places are are often not real great.

Not great for non-Blacks, sure, but also very much not great for Black people either. And a “diverse” community is indeed probably one of the better places for a Black person to reside. Good on them for figuring that out instead of retreating into lame emotional thinking that’s bad for their best interests.

Blacks look out for their best interests politically better than any other race. There’s no reason at all that ~9

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23 thoughts on “Alt Left: I Admire Blacks for Their Intellectual Honesty, No BS Thinking, and Telling It Like It Is”

      1. He thinks the PC establishment puts up with their blackness – while probably arresting a white person acting similar.

        1. Think about it if a non-black were to act like eddie murphy everyone would look at him like he was stupid or crazy.

          1. Well, every group has their own “color”. It would be so dull if everyone was the same!

            Anyway, I think some southern whites are also more “crazy” and can get away with that – cause they’re southern.

          2. He’s a clown. He’s saying basically Blacks are clowns, making a generalization about their race. You’re not a clown of course. Blacks can get away with being complete clowns because on some level we Whites think they are this “clown race,” whereas a White man doing that, we would think he was silly or immature or maybe even nuts. Whites are seen as a serious race, not a clown race.

            I don’t particularly mind a race of clowns. I imagine they produce some pretty awesome comedians. I always loved the Wayans, but they can’t act that way anymore. Richard Pryor was great. Ignited Negro College Fund, lol.

            I even love Paul Mooney, even though he bags on White people pretty hard. See, White people can take it. We can take people dishing it to us hard, or at least I can. But maybe that’s because we’re on top. Maybe if we were on the bottom, we might not think it was so funny.

            Also I’ve seen some White nationalists who really hate Paul Mooney and call him an anti-White racist. I don’t think he really is. I bet I could go backstage and make friends with him, and he’d be pretty nice to me.

            Black people can tell if you’re racist or not. If you seem like you’re one of those Whites who aren’t all that racist against Blacks (and I guess I seem that way), in general, they’re pretty damn nice. Blacks are like anyone else. They act a lot better if you’re nice to them than if you’re not. It’s not exactly rocket science.

          3. Blacks get to act like clowns. Over on American Renaissance, I saw a thread where an anti-Black racist summed up the Black race by saying with some disgust that Blacks were basically clowns, a race of clowns. That’s not a particularly harsh judgement, and looking at how many great Black comedians there have been, there’s something to it.

            Of course not all Blacks are like that, but you get the picture. We’re making broad generalizations here like we always do on this obnoxious website.

            Even the Ancient Egyptians said that Blacks were excellent entertainers and comedians, among other things. They also said that they were great musicians and athletes. However, they added that Blacks weren’t really all that smart. I guess some things never change. Every race has its strengths and its weaknesses, and I’m actually ok with that.

          4. Sure, they say that. But I don’t know if I believe them. Who would be afraid of a race of clowns?

          5. I guess that’s only part of the equation. Not just a race of clowns or better yet, a race of comedians or natural humorists. I don’t regard that as a bad thing necessarily but I suppose some might think a race like that is not serious enough to do serious work.

            The real hardcore ghetto types are clowns, but they’re also very scary IMHO. I ended up talking to some at the gas station the other day. I’m sorry I did. It wasn’t that bad. It’s just better not to talk to people like that. He ended up being a pimp and trying to sell me some of his bitches, I mean whores. Yuck.

            Scary clowns. Blacks at their worst are scary clowns or maybe just plain scary if they are really antisocial.

          6. Whites worried about Polish skinheads took the first plane out after the first shake of Blacks’ pepper. Detroit is basically The Witcher Show.

          7. I’ve said the men are clowns here. It’s true. Though maybe the worst clown was Polish.

  1. Speaking of black majorities and democratic voting:

    A combo of blacks and invading Yankees is happening in VA and NC. This continuing outside invasion – and there’s also California – could possibly bring on the political unrest WNs want. However, the odds are that the feds will crack down – so again WNs are a zero-sum game.

      1. Rob what do you mean that the Wayans cant act like that anymore?

        SJW’s. A lot of that humor was very anti-PC.

        Paul Moody? Do you mean Paul Mooney?

        Yes. Some think he hates Whites but I don’t think so. I think he just wants us to act better and quit being such racist assholes. He’s got a point.

  2. Blacks are fighters. Mike Tyson offered 10 grand to fight a silverback gorilla. He was a beast and likely still has a strong punch, I still want to see this fight.

    Their women are confrontational. They send strong mating signals or try to start some drama. They are direct. I’ve been catcalled by them. Watch the black girl on Woodman Casting, none of the other girls resist or fight back like her.

    They are interested in racial differences in non-Black groups, I’ve never focused on Blacks with them. I believe they are pro-diversity in general now. The men talk about White women or wanting to go to Brazil.

    The women are more pro-Black than the men. On the bus some Black women say hi to Black guys they knew, and the Black guys ignore them. They wouldn’t ignore an old White meth-head woman like that. It’s kinda sad, Black men don’t seem to care for Black women up here. Black women say things like “love is colorblind” as well, they are pro-mixing, just to a lesser degree.

    1. Watch the black girl on Woodman Casting, none of the other girls resist or fight back like her.

      LOL is that porn?

      1. “Ride or die” can come in any race. On my personal private blog I’ve also written about White women with that “ride or die” mentality for White supremacists.

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