2nd Civil War?


White supremacist “accelerationists” have seized on the standoff as the potential beginning of a civil war that will destroy the United States and allow them to build a white nation in its ruins, according to Alex Friedfeld, a researcher at the Anti-Defamation League.

“The story they’re telling is that the Jews and immigrants are responsible for turning Virginia blue, and they’re coming to take your guns,” Friedfeld said. (Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire philanthropist and presidential candidate, is Jewish, and the gun violence prevention advocacy group he founded touted an investment of $2.5m in Virginia’s 2019 elections to back local lawmakers who support gun control.)

To white supremacists, Virginia looks like a perfect example of their ideology: “You’ve got white replacement. You’ve got what they’re calling Jewish gun grabbers, and the people rising up, saying the government is illegitimate.”



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2 thoughts on “2nd Civil War?”

  1. I for one believe it’s quite cool to own guns. Outside the United States, it’s pretty rare for peasants like me to have a gun license. Even if you obtain one after clearing many exams, it’s rarer to actually own a lethal rifle. At most you can drive to a practice range and fire at rubber ducks. What fun is that?

    I want the real deal, a 357 Magnum. An AK-47, even better. A sub-machine gun, I’m all for it. A shoulder-fired grenade, why not?

    (Disclaimer: FBI, in case you’re reading this, this comment was intended as a joke.)

    Knife and machete crimes are pretty common in my part of the world. They can kill an effectively as bullets. In Europe, they’re mulling a ban on knives after a few Islamofascist psychos went on the rampage in Paris and Berlin, killing defenseless Europeans.

    But it’s impossible, as they might as well ban cooking food. Just one knife can kill a whole bunch of people, and it inflicts so much more pain. But banning knives is impossible. People can still fashion their own knives using sharp tools, just like our Neanderthal ancestors did.

    If I were a mass shooter denied my right to an assault rifle, I could probably get a higher body count with machetes. And inflict a lot more pain. I mean most mass shooters plan to get killed in action anyway. The only reason they choose guns over knives is because it makes you look more badass. We all want to look like Rambo, not some primitive Zulu savage.

    1. Unlike @Robert Lindsay, I’ve got no problem with gun ownership of any type. I don’t understand why liberal must always equal pro-gun control.

      The whole gun issue is simply an “exploitation issue” for White supremacists. They need something to stir things up, and Normie gun owners are their target. I mean, most of these gun owners aren’t really racist hardcore. They just like hunting, fishing – typical country stuff.

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