Life Is a Shit Test

Boy, I am really on a run with these meaning of life posts, aren’t I? Well, they say the peak of human wisdom is in one’s 60’s. It’s odd that we get less wise as we get beyond 70, but perhaps we are starting to fall apart, and this mandates a whole new set of defenses and lies to oneself. And when you’re lying to yourself all the time (or at least too much of the time), it’s a bit hard to be wise. Wisdom and pathological lying don’t tend to go together.

So no wonder I am plugging into all this meaning of life stuff. I’m stuck right here in the damned age of wisdom.

Just call me sensei, motherfuckers!

I just pointed out that life is a conspiracy theory, at least to some extent.

Well, after that revelation hit me, another flash of God-given epiphany was on its way. After all, one epiphany tends to lead to another, no?

If life is a conspiracy theory, then a corrolary of that must also be true, and that is:

Life is a shit test.

Think about it. Maybe not as a kid. High school’s a shit test for sure, and so is junior high in particular.

Hell, junior high is probably the worst shit test of most of our lives. If you make it through junior high halfway sane and undamaged, thank your lucky stars.

I run into grown adults on a regular basis who are still damaged from childhood. Not from early childhood, and not so much from high school. Yeah, from junior high. Grown men and women in their 20’s and 30’s still seriously damaged from damned junior high of all things! The typical symptom is low self-esteem.

After high school and on to university, oh God, of course that’s a shit test. And venturing out into the cold cruel world of work and survival is the ultimate shit test of them all, probably worse than junior high. After all, your very survival is at stake now. In junior high, you may get killed verbally, psychologically, and spiritually, but most of us tend to survive puberty with at least our physical bodies intact, albeit maybe with a few bruises from getting pummeled by bullies.

Put this idea in your head and walk around with it and see if life makes more sense. Wake up in the morning and look up and the ceiling and say, “Ok, today is another day of the endless shit test called life. Pray I make it through yet another one to the end.”

If this doesn’t resonate with you right away, chew on this idea for a while and see if it makes more sense. You might just find that it fits real nice, hand in glove nice:

Life is a shit test.

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9 thoughts on “Life Is a Shit Test”

  1. Just call me sensei, motherfuckers!

    I already do, Sensei!

    If I ever get married, I’ll let you fuck her once or twice as a proper tribute. You can be sure it will be a hot young chick. It’s me I’m talking about after all.

    And I’m not into that cuckoldery bullshit…it will be a gesture to a sensei, all right.

    Your tips actually saved me from HIV/AIDS. I can’t find that article anymore though, probably disappeared after the Great WordPress purge. That bunch of advice was golden, man.

    1. So SHI, what do you think of my theory? Is life a shit test or not? The longer I hang around this planet, the more it seems like life is this never-ending shit test. And like all shit tests, you are supposed to pass it. If you don’t it’s just not good, sorry.

      I guess my philosophy of life would be yes, life is a never-ending shit test, but the meaning of life is to pass the shit tests as best as you can. If can do that, by the end of your life, you can consider yourself to have lived a life well-lived.

    2. Wow, that’s so kind of you, man.

      I can easily go find that and repost it. Don’t worry about that. Let me go track it down.

      1. So SHI, what do you think of my theory? Is life a shit test or not? The longer I hang around this planet, the more it seems like life is this never-ending shit test. And like all shit tests, you are supposed to pass it. If you don’t, it’s just not good, sorry.

        I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this question but there’s a person who can help you. It’s a controversial Islamic preacher called Zakir Naik. You must have heard of him, his videos are everywhere on YouTube.

        I’ll confess something, I’m not even a Muslim but I really like this son of a bitch Naik. Dude is the most badass person I know. India’s government is baying for his blood to have him extradited; he has hundreds of criminal cases against him in India, but all he’s really trying to do is exercise his right to free speech. He’s already been banned from the USA and UK, and most neo-Nazi and Alt-right websites absolutely hate his guts.

        He’s Israel’s number one enemy. Mossad probably tried to kill him, and he claims Allah saved him.

        Check out some of his YouTube videos on “life is a test” and you’ll get the answer to your question. Sure it will be cloaked with some propaganda on how Islam is the only true religion, but I think this dude has figured out the purpose of life like no other person I have ever met.

        Naik’s a really controversial preacher with ties to ISIS, Al Qaeda, the House of Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and every damn terrorist organization in the world. So watch his videos at your own risk, LOL. You’ll be hooked in no time, it’s a warning!

        Coming out in support of Zakir Naik in my part of the world is like coming out in support of Bin Laden the next day after 9/11. He’s literally a dynamite. How many persons you know actively support the Palestinian suicide bombers on Live TV?

        I like his sense of fucking conviction. He has this knack of using the Qu’ran as a reference manual for all problems of life. He’s like a fucking Oracle, knows the answer to every damn question. He might be the Anti-Christ even, who knows! But damn, you must pay attention to what he says. I’ve never been clearer about my life’s purpose than after I saw his videos.

        p.s – DISCLAIMER – I only like watching Zakir Naik’s videos on YouTube. I happen to have a fascination for controversial people, so maybe that is the only reason. I do not support him nor am I actively involved with his organization in any capacity. Also, I’m not a Muslim.

  2. A lot of haters out there. Probably a source of a lot of bullying. You can find out when you go into self-business, and everyone thinks you’re a cocksucker, and they pump up the insults of every type. But that’s only for people who are around others. Since out of school (went during my late 30s), I’m around nobody.

    The hater fest is especially caused by social media because that’s where you’re advertising your products and bragging about them – all that fun stuff. That’s where you’re making political opinions – comments on things.

    Basically, college students seen as entrepreneurs are singled out. I remember this business project I was doing, and I even tried to get other college students to join in. Some were interested but they later lost interest, and of course, tons of dirty looks, glaring, etc. because they all turned into haters.

    1. What do you think of my theory? Is life basically a gigantic shit test? The longer I stay alive, the more I think it is. Thoughts?

  3. “Life is a Bitch” and She’s always shit testing us. Most men seem to brush Her off. Life’s catty with her own gender, and it’s these female victims that attack men. They typically go after those closest to them like their husbands, children, etc. The most unhappy men I see are whipped by a woman, often their wives…Men were meant to rule.

    Girls of White European extraction are the least likely to survive. White men likely spoil them like house cats. They’re too soft to survive the harsh realities in the wilderness of life.

    Take the porn industry. A White girl from my State killed herself after being on Backroom Casting Couch. Jenni Lee ended up homeless living under a tunnel in Vegas, looking like life caught up to her. Kelsey Michaels has that same look, but one of the lowlifes she was with made her murder a girl. All these White girls get chewed up and spit out by the industry. If they survive, they come out looking like and living in Hell.

    1. Jews like Nina Hartman/Hartley thrive in porn. They seem to enjoy it. It’s their industry and no one’s more comfortable in it.

      Asa Akira, Japanese-American, has done well for herself.

      Sunny Leone is now a mainstream star in India.

      Couple other Asians were doing very well last time I checked. These women have more street smarts than White Euro girls.

      Jews are unbreakable. The dirtier sex, the better.

      East Asians aren’t phased by it, and make the best of it.

      Indians can move on.

      This mirrors life.

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