How Is This Site Different from Stormfront or The Daily Stormer?

Umm, other opinions are welcomed and treated with respect. For sure on Stormfront at the least and probably also the other one, opposing views are simply bashed to smithereens even if the person has a good argument!

Another difference is this isn’t a White Supremacist site, though race realist and some politically correct ideas are welcomed and even encouraged.

Is There Real Racism on This Site?

Not of the type found on TDS or Stormfront. It isn’t real racism. Real racists can’t stand this website for the most part. However, this place does attract some hardcore racists.

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6 thoughts on “How Is This Site Different from Stormfront or The Daily Stormer?”

  1. How’s this Stormfront? Not even remotely close.

    Alpha is Black, right? Robert goes out of his way to make all posters feel at home. It’s pretty multicultural although right now I feel like the only token minority. It would be nice to have more of my kind posting here regularly.

    1. There used to be lots of Indians posting here. Most of the old posters left with the old site. There was a much more diverse crowd then. I’ve lost over 90% of my traffic. 🙁

      Alpha is Black, right?

      She keeps me on my toes. I’m glad she sticks around. She keeps me acting pretty good. I hate to think I would act worse if she left, but who knows? Sometimes you need to keep people around you who keep you on the straight and narrow, especially we chronic rulebreakers who need a little supervision through most if not all of our lives.

  2. She keeps me on my toes. I’m glad she sticks around. She keeps me acting pretty good.

    Good to have diversity but looks like this site will remain Lily White for a while. I think some of your enemies and detractors have labeled the site as hate speech or something. You need to check with Alexa – it might be a reputation problem.

    One thing is clear: Google clearly hates this site. Except for “Beyond Highbrow”, I can’t find anything else using a simple Google Search. It wasn’t the case with the WordPress site, a lot of content would rank on the 1st page of Google.

    You really need to find out ways to improve your search ranking in Google for each individual content. That will boost traffic. Also, check whether you’re listed as a hate speech site and try to get it removed. Might be difficult though. SJW’s run Google Search nowadays.

    1. The low rating is due to few people linking in to the new site. Can’t be changed. I can’t do anything about the hate speech reputation lol. I sort of want that reputation because I think hate speech is pretty much bullshit anyway, at least the way we do it here.

      I mean we aren’t into overt racism, sexism, all that stuff – and that’s the only good definition of hate speech if you ask me. I’m not even a homophobe. I support gay rights 100%. I don’t even hate trannies. I believe in giving them full rights. I can’t think of any ethnic groups I actually hate. The hate speech thing is crap. The purpose of this site is to purposely get a rise out of the snowflakes.

      We do have a few Blacks who comment here regularly. Tulio and Greg Rambo do comment from to time and there’s another guy whose name eludes me, and a new guy just showed up.

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