Backstabbed by College Haters

Actually, these examples are from a state university.

In my late 30s:

This guy pretends to be my friend. I buy into it. I tell him my dream of a website. He gets some buddies in the computer department to go along with my project. However, a few weeks later I go back and ask about the project. They give me smart-ass looks like I’m stupid and say, “They backed out.”

Now the guy pretending to be my friend totally ignores me even when I’m friendly to him.

This is all seems like some frat boy set-up!

But as you can see, I don’t really like college students, justifiably, because I think they’re narrow-minded haters. However, over the course of going to college (The positive examples are from my first go-around in college during the 90s.), I have met some cool people, like some pot-heads that wanted to start a band and this classmate from college band class into drums who liked my drumming website I had then.

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