WN Revulsion at Sex Abuse – but a Green Light for Other Cruelty

Yep, they can’t stand fag child molesters, etc., and their hearts are bleeding with empathy for the victims of these pedos. However, they don’t mind beating the shit out of scrawny kids, mixed-race kids, non-White kids, gay kids – you name it!

Honestly, what’s the difference? The WN excuse is they’re trying to “de-soft” boys or whatever.  De-softing them while also having a “good old time” reveling in superiority, and of course, with non-White kids, they not only want to de-soft them but also deport them afterward (or before)!

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2 thoughts on “WN Revulsion at Sex Abuse – but a Green Light for Other Cruelty”

    1. If the kids actually are queer, it’s a different matter. In fact, they can “yell” rape like a little bitch. But of course I’m speaking of post-pubertal boys. It’s the same as with women/underage teenage girls setting men up.

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