Why Are So Many Nazis Slavic When Hitler Wanted to Eliminate/Enslave Them?

Yeah, this is a big mystery! Obviously, Poland was and was one of the most anti-Semitic nations in Europe by far! For instance, Poland was the nation with the most concentration camps.

Most history nerds know that Hitler stormed into Russia to destroy Communism and free the Russians from their Jewish masters, but he also thought that Slavs were partly race-mixed with Asians. But oddly enough, and in lying fashion, Hitler didn’t really want to free the Russians; instead he wanted to displace them with Germans as he did the other Slavs.

Now, to repay the Germans, you get kisses – not the middle finger.

Do you have any idea how much damage Hitler did to the USSR? It’s mindboggling – the cruelty and savagery of it all.

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