Tons of Guys Look Like Girls

No, seriously, even my brother did, and he would pick on me ruthlessly when I was growing up. He was thin. You could probably put a wig on him, and he’d be a girl – LOL.

I’d say most guys are either too thin or too fat. If they’re going on about how stupid weight deviants are, they’re most likely just engaging in projection because they’re not superior to those they mock.

Case in point: South Korea. Most of the middle/high school boys were boys only cause of their penises. I arm-wrestled a middle school boy, and I took him down like a preschool girl! However, there were a few Korean guys into bodybuilding. One was college-aged, and I sure as heck could not beat him in arm-wrestling. It was more like the opposite, and I even worked out most everyday back then!

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