Exception to the Rule with Misfit Kids

Well, I’m always for empathy for the underdog, but sometimes things are more complicated.

Case in point: this scrawny kid who had a rough time, but a large part of it was due to having asshole parents. Parents who were constantly judging, backstabbing, gossiping about, and bullying other people.

Now when this kid went to school, he had at least two major obstacles to overcome, but surely the fact that he learned his morals from his parents doomed him. The parents never taught him how to be a good person because they don’t know how to be one themselves. Obviously other kids are not going to put up with shit from spoiled rich kids. It’s just not going to happen.

Anyway, this kid has now become this trollish Alt-Right creep, but it’s not solving the original problem because he doesn’t know he has a problem. The problem being his parents. I suppose he’s a victim himself in that sense, and his parents were probably victims of their parents.

The Self Esteem Movement

The comedian George Carlin warned about this New Age way of raising kids, and I suspect this post is testimony to what he was saying – that everything nowadays is about self-esteem. But the parents above weren’t really into that. The kids weren’t totally spoiled. The parents made them do chores, etc. However, at a certain level the kids were spoiled, and on top of that the parents were flaky and sanctimonious.

I’m not quite sure where the blame lies here, but I sure wouldn’t want my children to become like this. I’d rather disown them.

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6 thoughts on “Exception to the Rule with Misfit Kids”

  1. I generally support the underdog as well. We are responsible for ourselves as adults. Alt anything is underdog, it’s Beyond Highbrow and Daily Stormer haven’t replaced Dems and Repubs yet.

    I disagree with people too. If I obsessed over every Normie I’d go insane. The truth is a lot of these labels are superficial. Say the N word once you’re “nigger-guy”. Note how well spoken Obama is or just admire an athlete’s black ass. There’s more to a person than that.

    1. The Daily Stormer is way worse than Beyond Highbrow. I have no sympathy for them or Stormfront at all.

      No, I’m not a Normie in getting all “wussy” at the hearing of nigger, but then again, that word can be hurtful if it’s not said the right way. What I mean is whether that word is offensive or not depends on who is saying it and why.

    2. Alt anything is underdog, it’s Beyond Highbrow and Daily Stormer haven’t replaced Dems and Repubs yet.

      What does this mean?

        1. The vast public is Normie and that’s a good thing!

          I don’t think so, Jason. You know how many times they have fucked me over in life? You know how many times they have rejected me, written me tickets, arrested me, threatened to kill me, thrown me in jail, banned me from establishments, fired me from jobs (especially), showered me with the worst hatred and rejection, and more or less just out and out ruined my life?

          Nah, I don’t like Normies at all, Jason. They’ve been straight up cruel to me my whole life. They can pretty much burn, every single one of them or at least the ones that hate me.

          Sure, it’s never easy being a minority, but it’s also never easy being an outsider in Normie World. Sort of like this slow motion horror movie with you as the victim of the slasher that never ends while all the doors of the theater are locked and you have to sit there and watch it your whole life.


          I can’t put into words how much HATE I feel for those people.

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