Alt Left: A Whole Nation Was Guilty of Mass Murder, and Most All of Them Got Off Scot Free

PB: Most people lynched were White and deserved it. The showers were for delousing, Typhus was the big killer. I’d trust a mentally handicapped kid with a NS over Woody Allen.

I assure you with 10

And before that, they used mobile gas vans. We have Germans who used to drive those vans on camera testifying about what they did. They were walking about Germany just a while ago. A lot of the men who did things like that never served a day in prison.

The Allies had a real problem at the end of the war. They basically had a whole country full of damned Nazis who were up their necks in all of this mass slaughter. Even if they weren’t doing it, they were often cheering it on or being willfully ignorant.

Right after the war was over, some Jews tried to go back to their old residences. They were met with hostility by just about everyone, and a number of them were simply murdered on the spot. And no one said a word. You had a whole nation full of homicidal antisemites.

What are you gonna do? You gonna execute a whole country. Morgenthal wanted to and his plan was almost put into place. Damn good thing we didn’t have Jews running postwar Germany. It was bad enough that we deliberately hired Jews to interrogate the worst Nazis at Nuremberg.

Out of 550 of the worst Nazis, 9

We executed approximately 1,000 of the worst Nazis at Nuremberg. A Hell of a lot more than that were guilty as Hell. Many served short sentences of 2-10 years and got out. Others served longer. Rudolph Hess served until the end of his life, and he was one of the best Nazis of all. The USSR demanded that he never be released so he died in prison at an advanced age.

The truth is that a whole country full of Nazis more or less got off scot-free after the war. There wasn’t really any other way to do it, honestly.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Whole Nation Was Guilty of Mass Murder, and Most All of Them Got Off Scot Free”

  1. This is just like El Salvador. It’s an anti-communist pogrom. In fact, there’s no remorse in any of them when executed.

  2. Out of 550 of the worst Nazis, 98% of them had their testicles crushed. Obviously by their Jewish interrogators

    …and the German women raped by Allied troops. In fact, the Russians brought in rapacious Cossacks, Tajiks, Uzbeks, and the swarthier nations from the far-flung corners of the Soviet Union…for the exclusive purpose of raping Aryan women. It was a mass orgy in Berlin but not consensual in any sense. The Russians wanted to humiliate Germany in the manner of Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan.

    The other Allies weren’t that punitive, but many US and British troops had a field day having sexual “relations” with German women. It’s not really consensual when the woman who fucks you does it for a coffee or a bar of soap.

    Still the US and British troops were more professional and nothing like the Cossack and Tajik rapists in the Soviet army.

    War is Hell. Do victors in a war still have a choice to rape the women of the vanquished enemies? It surely was the ancient law of warfare.

    In 1990, when Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi soldiers briefly occupied Kuwait during the Gulf War, the savage Iraqi men went on a rape spree. Almost every Kuwaiti girl was fair game. Some even eloped with their Iraqi conquerors because the Kuwaiti men have tiny dicks and can’t really get it up.

  3. I’ve seen many personal accounts of “survivors” making shit up. I’m more inclined to believe the Nazis. I’ve seen gas chambers debunked, I need to see a real functional one. I’d be interested in visiting mass graves. I need more than a bunch of shoes.

  4. The industrial-scale gas chamber mass murder narrative seems somewhat implausible to me. Rather I’m more inclined to believe most of the Jewish deaths during the war were from bullets, starvation, and disease, with much of the latter occurring after the allies bombed out the supply lines leading to and from the camps.

    The problem is that attempting to do any sort of objective investigation of this issue, especially into ascertaining the number of Jews who actually died during the war, is near impossible, considering that if any research comes anything close to disputing the (((official narrative))) cosmic-level (((screeching))) will immediately shut down any further inquiry into the matter.

    And I say this as the grandson of a German Jewish woman who was able to safety escape Germany with her family in 1938. Not that I can ever bring any of this up with that side of the family, lol.

    My basic perspective on the Holocaust is: Yeah, the Germans adopted a genocidal attitude toward Jews and killed a fuckton of them, mostly in the conquered Eastern territories. I have no idea what the actually numerical death toll is however, and that figure is certainly not up for debate in any way, if ya catch my drift.

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