The Dark Enlightenment – Reversal of Morals

The good guys are assholes and the bad guys are whiny “soft-muffins”. What will be the hero flicks of a future WN world? It would look like some South Park parody – LOL.

But always the hypocrisy in that WNs will side with so-called soft whiners if Blacks or some other groups they dislike are involved. There might be some story on Stormfront about “Oh, the poor retard was stripped naked and punched in Harlem!”, or “Oh, what about those poor White kids getting bullied in school or the White guy raped in prison? (mocking crying face I am making – har har)”

But aren’t guys naturally picking on each other?

Well, even my brother did that, and he was pretty brutal. Nonetheless, it was nothing compared to Cobra Kai on the Karate Kid. It’s nothing compared to getting roughed up by skinhead thugs. I can tell the difference between kidding around and outright disrespect and assault.

If people really think Danny La Russo was some prick deserving to get bullied, then please mention why in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “The Dark Enlightenment – Reversal of Morals”

  1. If people really think Danny La Russo was some prick deserving to get bullied, then please mention why in the comments.

    Assuming you watched all three versions of the original Karate Kid.

    Danny LaRusso is not an innocent cherub as you might think. He is the one instigating trouble with Johnny Lawrence ever single time.

    1. First, check the beach fight scene with Johnny. I really love this scene.

    Even though he had a crush on Ali Mills, he shouldn’t have poked his nose in her personal life when she was having a spat with her ex-boyfriend Johnny Lawrence. Danny barely knew the girl at that point.

    You get into a fight between a couple – you are an instigator. It’s common sense. You just asked for some ass-kicking right there.

    OK to give credit to Danny, his crush for Ali seems serious. We all know what first true love feels like. Fantastic. But then he has picked up a fight with her ex-boyfriend Johnny Lawrence. You have to accept the consequences for being a knight in shining armour. It’s not going to be a free ride.

    @ 0:17 To Johnny’s credit, he doesn’t really want to hit that punk ass kid because he knows he can hurt him badly. Johnny just evades him at 0:17 and gives a side tackle, sending a message to stay away from him.

    @ 0:23 Ali yells at Johnny to “stop it” to which he says “I didn’t do anything”. That’s right it was LaRusso being stupid.

    @ 0:31 – Johnny lands a freewheeling karate kick right into Danny’s skinny torso. He should have gotten the message by now.

    @ 0:46 – Daniel sucker punches Johnny. He’s really begging to get his ass kicked, LOL.

    2. In the following scenes, Daniel picks a fight in a soccer field with one of Johnny’s Cobra Kai friends, Bobby who was the gentleman in that group.

    3. Daniel hoses Johnny in a toilet

    @ 0.23 – Daniel can see that Johnny is minding his own business smoking weed. Still he has a death wish so he asks for trouble. He was really asking to be hospitalized – you pick up a fight with someone stronger than you, there will be consequences. Danny Boy was lucky that Mr. Miyagi jumps right in the fight to save his skinny ass, LOL.

    4. Here’s one more scene – Daniel is asking Ali Mills out on a date. Fair enough, but he just can’t do it without provoking Johnny and his gang. Check @ 0:20 – 0:32

    I rest my case. Johnny Lawrence is really the better one compared to Danny boy. I am glad they are using the exact same narrative in the new Cobra Kai series.

    Danny LaRusso grew into a bigger asshole later in the series. I was rooting for Johnny Lawrence all the time to pummel this scrawny little shit.

    1. Always, the goal of people should be to “bring others up”, not tear them down. However, people – due to evil nature, want vain-glory. They revel in feeling superior.

      O.K., so Danny made some bad moves – but a real angel would have overlooked it. But that’s not the case with real kids – cause that’s not the real world. It’s only the ideal world.

      And finally, looks (scrawny, fat etc..) are subjective.

  2. I was around seven the first time I saw Karate Kid Part 3 on a VCR. It was the third version which had just been released. Remember Terry Silver and Mike Barnes? Both had that menacing demon look which felt so devilishly awesome. I barely spoke any English back then but was hooked anyway.

    Soon after that I saw the original 1984 version. I saw several re-runs of the Karate Kid franchise. It taught me to speak English like no school teacher ever has. That and Top Gun, another childhood favorite.

    Let’s talk about the bullies again. Out of the entire Cobra Kai gang, it’s Dutch who gives Daniel the hardest time. Johnny only hates him for moving on his girl. Tommy only sides with Johnny and doesn’t really hate him. And Bobby even sympathizes with Daniel when the Cobras are being extra hard on him.

    But Dutch, he’s a total psycho and has all the makings of a career criminal. As the Cobra Kai series recently revealed, he’s doing five to ten years in prison.

    Watch this epic scene of Dutch intimidating punk ass Daniel. LOL but know what even as a seven year old, I sided with Daniel’s bullies. I had enjoyed this bit so much. In fact I still do.

    “you’re dead meat”…”dead meat’ LOL

    1. Well, I don’t agree with physical assault (deserves a reform school sentence) – and obviously teasing – beyond “buddies/brothers kidding around” is unacceptable. However, though, there is a thing similar to property rights – when it comes to girlfriends/wives. So do you think the filmmakers sort of “tricked the viewers” into not seeing Dutch side of the story?

  3. Danny actually did seem weak. They could’ve had a girl play him. Any Cobra Kai member would’ve likely beat him in real life. He looks vulnerable in praying mantis stance. I like that he turned heel though. That’s how life is.

    1. Tons of high school/middle school boys look like him. I don’t think it was an un-average look. However, though, his mistake in the movie, which the filmmakers tricked people into not seeing, was the fact he was coming on to someone’s girl – a super-jock type’s girl. You just don’t do that. I don’t do that – cause I know I’d get a beating. I mean, imagine if I grabbed some woman’s ass at the supermarket – even knowing the husband was a boxer.

        1. So you would be one of those SS guards on Escape from Sobibor – who wanted to rape the women prisoners, especially after seeing during medical exams – LOL?

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