Homophobes Are Repressed Homos

Well, I used to think that, but it seems to not be the case all the time or even most of the time. However, I do think that on average, being an extreme intolerant type (skinheads, etc.) stems from humiliation at some kind of weakness in one’s family. For instance, as noted in other posts: perhaps the dad’s a wimp or molester or the mom’s a slut.

I mean, get real. Who is so obsessed with race that they would join a WN organization? There’s nothing wrong being obsessed, say, with music, art, sports, or something like that, but obsession with extremist politics (SJW, Radical Islamist, Nazi) is another ballgame.

I’ve seen examples of it this on movies and TV shows and from what I read and from family members. How could anyone argue I’m wrong?

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