Cultural Left, Alt Right, Radical Christians – Trains to Nowhere

They cannot make the changes they want in society. Granted, they have made major changes at times. However, overall they cannot make the society they want.

They might be able to make mini-societies. Whose stopping the Amish from doing their thing? Well, definitely separation is the thing, but nobody will ever allow a separatist state. The Amish don’t constitute a state – they just stay out of everyone’s business as much as possible.

Anyhow, the fact many groups (WNs, SJWs, Radical Christians, and Radical Islamists) are trying to force nation-states (USA, Britain, Australia, etc.) to be “all one way” is simply leading to violence, and there’s no solution, not now nor probably ever.

The Solution

As hinted at previously, I would just drop out of society and mind my own business because there’s no way to change the society. There’s no mathematical probability of it.

Anyway, people can always form separate private schools and organizations that conform to their liking (minus stuff like racial segregation, etc.), though that could be tough. I mean, imagine setting up your hospital just so you can have rules against transgender surgery or abortion?


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