Why Do WN’s Hate Queers So Much?

Well, it goes into the White Replacement Theory, and they probably don’t give two Hooters (nice restaurant!) about non-White gays/lesbians, assuming they aren’t in prison raping/molesting the Whites!

But is anti-sexual behavior actually lowering the White population as compared to non-Whites (outside of Northeast Asia)? I don’t think that’s the problem! The problem is the fact that modern life itself – not sexual deviancy, race mixing, celibacy, forced celibacy (as in a geek/Autist), or weirdness – is the culprit, and the Third World is simply “not modern enough” yet.

Case of Japan and South Korea

Apparently, those places are pretty straight, yet there’s massive depopulation. Well, Japan does have the porn, though. Conspiracy there?

Snowflake Warning: The word queer is sarcasm in the title OF COURSE !!


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