The White Replacement Theory

Jews will not replace us!

– Charlottesville, VA

My criticism of it isn’t about some moralfag feeling of “love for all people,” even though at the pit of my soul, WN thinking revolts me!

My criticism of it is simply the fact that WN’s fail to realize that modern life created White depopulation and the irony is that WN’s oppose education and other things (aside from abortion) that might actually lower the non-White birthrate (aside from Northeast Asians) to match the current White one.

I mean, come on. I know why Blacks etc. are multiplying. It’s because lower educated women don’t have nothing much to do but populate.

WN’s and Deportation

If you deport Blacks, they only come back at some point, so why not educate targeted groups, causing the situation I just spoke of? The other option is murder but we can’t do that of course.

Anyway, the population of Africa is exploding, so they will eventually invade us (along with all the African Americans we just deported), so why not try to modernize Africa (or Latin America, etc.) instead?

Whites Having Larger Families

That’s another solution, but will it overcome the hordes of Latin Americans, etc. who are doing the same thing? How will society – which is modern after all – convince women to have larger families?

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