Linda Ronstadt, “Long Long Time”

“Long Long Time,” by Linda Ronstadt from Silk Purse, 1970

From her very early solo days. Her first solo album. Still very much an LA hippie girl.

I’ve been hearing this song forever but I never knew it was her! Never knew the name of it either, and I’ve barely heard of Silk Purse.

Since 2012, people have believed that Ronstadt has had Parkinson’s disease. However, last year she was re-diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). A lot of people think Donald Trump has this same condition. However, Trump is also thought to have fronto-temporal dementia (FTD). Making things more confusing, there is a progressive supranuclear palsy subtype of FTD. Some people think that FTD and PSP are the same illness. In both cases, your brain cells are slowly dying off.

Ronstadt was definitely a cokehead for a while there, living in that house of hers in the Hollywood Hills.

The 1 AM party people come over, and then at 3 they leave, and the 3 AM party people come over. At 5 they leave and the 5 AM party people come over…

– Linda Ronstadt in the cokehead days.

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