Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys, “Different Drum”

A truly incredible song. From 1967! Linda Ronstadt from the hippie era! She was one of the original hippies. Later a solo artists and girlfriend of Jerry Brown. And noted cocaine user. She had several operations on her nose due to excessive cocaine use. I believe she likes girls too if I am not mistaken.

This is one of her best songs ever. LA flower power from the Summer of Love! Yep, there was a hippie movement here in LA too. You better believe it. Go ask Jim Morrison. Mostly around Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice and around UCLA. Later around Venice, the Hollywood Hills, and especially Malibu. It wasn’t quite San Fransisco, but it wasn’t that far off either.

A lot of tie-in with the film industry of course.
Jim Morrison went to film school at UCLA, remember? My father graduated from there. My Mom spent her freshman year at UCLA. 18 years old and homesick the whole time. A mere girl. I was supposed to go there but I couldn’t pass high school Algebra 2, so I couldn’t go. My father was very disappointed.

And the music industry has always been headquartered right here in El Lay.

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5 thoughts on “Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys, “Different Drum””

  1. She was beautiful.

    Damn you’re old enough to remember the Summer of ’69, must have been something.

    Some say the real hippie era started in the mid-70s or something.

    1. Not really, I was only 12 years old. But I’ve read about it. I didn’t start becoming a hippie until 1973. There was definitely a huge hippie movement in the 1970’s, and the longest men’s hair ever got was in the 70’s. Hair didn’t really get all that long for most men in the 60’s per se.

      1. What decade do you think was the best one? Like the number one decade of our lifetimes. Objectively and unbiased. Maybe not so unbiased 🙂

        I’ll go with the ’80s although I don’t remember much of it as I was just born.

        Or would you go with the swanky ’90s? I think it was the last decade before the Internet shook everything up. People still wrote LETTERS to each other. I used to have PENFRIENDS from all around the world.

        I don’t know why I still like the ’80s. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, the music, the fashion.

        The new millennium wasn’t pretty bad either. I mean Internet became mainstream mostly in the early ’00s. And it was really the early Internet none of this social media BS – no Facebook, no YouTube. I think I preferred the web that way. I used to chat a lot on Yahoo Messenger or AOL

        I think the tens were kinda crap. Although I had fun.

        Maybe we’ll have a Roaring Twenties again!

        1. I enjoyed the 70’s and part of the 80’s. After that, I wasn’t into it too much. But most of us idealize the decade of our youth.

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