Employees – Shut Up on the Job

Shut up about racism especially, and to a lesser degree, Identity Politics, because the latter is just “coded racism”.

There are tales nowadays of people being afraid of lawsuits for their big mouths, but the truth is that  people actually get away with quite a bit of racism and political harassment on the job – more than you think.

For instance, I knew of this White guy (now deceased) with a Black girlfriend who worked  for a lawn care service, and coworkers would harass him on a CB radio about it. They weren’t the only ones. Other people (maybe not work related) also said to him, “We’re gonna burn a cross in your yard – hee hee!”

There was another case here of a waitress who for some unknown reason had a huge chip on her shoulder against Blacks and had to constantly blab her mouth about it. She kept doing it until she was ratted on by someone, but it went on for a long time! Well, this is Tennessee after all, so maybe people thought she was cool or something!

Blacks Etc. Being Racist on the Job?

Of course many are and the same thing would apply, but the White majority here where I live makes the scenario impossible.

Should This Talk from Any Race Be Acceptable on the Job?

No, not really, because it isn’t cool. It’s not even cool most times among your own race. I mean, why is everyone being dicks?

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