Blacks Being Called “Boy”, “Girl” and Job Discrimination

In Tennessee

I heard a recent story about this Black woman going to in for a pregnancy overnight hospital stay here and getting repeatedly called “girl” by the White workers there, even though she’s a grown woman. The woman didn’t complain about this, by the way.

And there’s plenty of job discrimination here outside of areas already with a sizable amount of Blacks. In other words, if some remote town has only a few Blacks, nobody will hire them.

It’s already well-known that Tennessee and similar areas are full of White cunts. The Whites here have a chip on their shoulder against certain people, and it’s not always about race. It’s simply about people being The Other. In other words, no retards, no Blacks, no Mexicans, nobody outside their own circle of small-town cunts.

How Serious Is This?

It doesn’t seem very serious to me, but it is a comment on how society hasn’t overcome racism, and more importantly, elitism. In this case, the elitism of the “the circle of small town douchebags.”

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5 thoughts on “Blacks Being Called “Boy”, “Girl” and Job Discrimination”

  1. Black coworkers have been a mix bag. They are gifted socially. I think a job like what Spinner did at the restaurant in Death to Smoochy would be perfect for a lot of them.

    They have always shown up late, but managers look the other way. Productivity also tended to lack, but managers would ignore this too. PC management enables today’s blacks. It’s like everybody fears their boss, and he fears a discrimination lawsuit. I knew someone that only hired Asians, and everything was ideal from then on.

    1. Watch out for that. It’s basically an insult. Hate to break it to ya. Unless it’s being said by friends in jest, I suppose. Calling a Black man a boy is much worse than calling a White man a boy.

      They call me huero at the local store. It’s sort an insulting word for White man along the lines of “gringo”, except maybe worse. It’s pronounced “wero,” except the r sound, called a “tapped” r, is not found in English – sort of like the t sound in English butter except it’s an r. Spanish has two r sounds and neither one is in English.

      I don’t really care. It’s all in good fun. One of the Hispanic checkers shaves his head, and I started calling him pelon (emphasis on second syllable), which is an insulting word for a balding man, sort of like “baldy.” So he started calling me huero in return, and the rest is history.

      1. Whites are soft on Blacks here. Most are scared to say Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last name. Well, it’s practically two racial slurs. Yet somehow Whites get fired regularly for “racism” against Blacks. I think Blacks are oversensitive and Whites are often “racist” but don’t consider themselves to be. A lot of simple White bigmouths can be taken as “racists”.

        One Black lady called a coworker a bitch in passing and when confronted, threatened to call the cops. I know one Black that got away with murder of an ex’s man because the guy said racist shit to him regularly. The system hates a White bigmouth, but turns a blind eye to Blacks who are much worse.’

        1. I don’t know about that. I mean, a White person complaining about being called “honky” by a Black co-worker or as a customer if called that by an employee could surely get a Black person fired.

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