What Is Sodom and Gomorrah?

Some people on this site would be saying gay stuff because they hate gays, but honestly, I would say it would be any place where people aren’t friendly/kind also. In fact, honestly, if Stormfront was the Earth, and nuclear war happened, who would miss the Earth?

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17 thoughts on “What Is Sodom and Gomorrah?”

  1. Sodom, the chief city, was completly given into the physical pleasures of the outward sort. Rich in water and vegetation. Abundant in food and bitumen. Arrogant, overfed, and selfish people indulging every Earthly desire. Men of Sodom wanted to “know” other men like the male angels. Gay Christians argue “know” doesn’t mean sex but Lot offers his daughters he says they’ve never “known” men. The Sodomites had no interest in Lots daughters, it was a very gay decadent place.

      1. They’re just people, Jason. They are not winning. America is Sodom, and Europe is Gomorrah. Do you want them to burn in Hell?

        1. I believe in a corrective Hell. Considering God’s nature, the one commonly supported can’t be the real one.

          Nah, I don’t believe they are “just people”. If they’ve given over to extremism, then they’re too scary to associate with closely. I mean, some WN’s are in my family, and I view them as a threat.

          1. You’re not that gully Jason, you can’t be soft hearted and cold as ice. If a nuclear war happened and all WN died, you’d miss your family members.

          2. You need to convert to Catholicism, Jason. Corrective Hell is nothing other than Purgatory. Check out Dante, if you dare. Not just The Inferno, though it’s mandated for all humans. Purgatorio is really nice too. I really enjoyed that one.

            Fuck Paradiso, that’s too positive LOL. I’m in a nihilistic mood tonight, sorry. The ending of Purgatorio is out of this world though, when he first encounters God’s golden chariot on the outskirts of Heaven. Wow! Almost made me want to convert to Catholicism right there.

          3. True, Paradiso is too much for a mere mortal. You’d overdose on ecstacy. Too many oral exams.

            Purgatorio is fascinating. The ending’s good. To think Protestants dropped Purgatory.

          4. How many of the three books did your read? Sounds like you read Purgatorio for sure. How bout The Inferno (LOL best one of all) and Paradiso (never read that one).

          5. I’m always trying to understand each layer. It’s rich material. The naked planets fascinate me from Sumerian times on. I like trying to think medievally as well. I enjoy all his work but I’m already into that shit to begin with.

        2. Hi, PB and commenters. Please capitalize the word “Hell” please. I mean most of us are headed there anyway, right? So why not show a little respect for our future abode, eh?

          1. A gay Gomorrah is not Hell. As you said, the women are desperate for straight men there.

            Gays have less respect for truth. I’ve listened to gay pagans and more recently, gay Christians – both are full of manure. Gomorrah is Greek for heap of manure. Gays live in fantasy, forever children.

            Straights have greats like Marcus Aurelius, logical and stoic. Gays have childish gibberish from other gays that support their cockamamie fetishistic fantasies. Straight spirituality is better by order, logic, historical accuracy, and nature. Straight spirituality reaches far above the pink clouds gays are lost in.

      2. We’re all gettin’ the same end anyway. LOL.

        Death is the great equalizer!

        Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

        – Vishnu, via Robert Oppenheimer.

  2. Seriously, @Polar Bear, WN’s are all for gay non-whites – outside of prison LOL – because it lowers their population. They’re for non-white abortion for the same reason.

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