Trump and 666

O.K., even if you think conspiracy theories are dumb – you have to admit all the 666 stuff associated with Trump is creepy.

(1)The Trumps own the most expensive building ever bought in the US, at 666 Fifth Avenue, a street symbolic of money (Mammon).


(3) The Trumps are also in the process of building a $666 million tower at One Journal Square. According to multiple reports the height will be 666 feet.


(5) Donald Trump inherited his grandmother’s real estate empire when she died on June 6, 1966 = 6-6-6.

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One thought on “Trump and 666”

  1. Is Trump really an owner of the properties that bear his name or just a glorified property manager that slaps his name on properties that other people own for a nice fee? For someone that supposedly owns so much prime real estate, he’s never been mentioned as being at the very top of the American financial mountain.

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