The West Was Once Like Radical Islam

Well, in the past, there was certainly no toleration of crime etc.. In fact, it was much like Saudi Arabia. I mean, what difference was there in Abe Lincoln’s day and modern Iran?

The WN folks will be saying that was The Age of Men. However, there wasn’t WN kind of hate going in those days. You don’t have to be the type to hate Black people to support a tough legal system. All that matters is that the rules are enforced.

Anyway, how can the US judge the Islamic World when not so long ago, the US wasn’t much different? Did the West grow out of it? But was it even a good idea to grow out of it?

This is just food for thought. I’m  not even sure I agree with what I’m saying.

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11 thoughts on “The West Was Once Like Radical Islam”

  1. Robert, I think you’re onto something here.

    In my view, Radical Islam is fundamentally a modern phenomenon; it’s as much a reaction movement to hyper-expansionist Western modernity than it is a reflection of any authentic Medieval Islamic social order (which was just plain old pre-industrial Traditionalism with an Abrahamic ideological gloss more than anything).

    In other words, it’s largely a LARP whereby you have the pleb layers of modern-day Muslim communities pretending to be the warrior aristocrats of yore (who in their right mind would LARP as a peasant who dies some nasty death at age 23?).

    Now look at what zitty 18 year old “Deus Vult!” Catholic LARPers on the Chans do these day; another silly LARP looking to recreate (in a supremely cartoonish way) glories of the past; though this LARP is play-acting only, no IRL direct action that we could say the former group has done plenty of in the modern era!

    White Nationalism is another stupid LARP, except this LARP isn’t even based on anything remotely authentic; rather it’s just washed up 19th century German Idealist autistic screeching pretending to be some kind of heroic ethos, when in fact it’s just as pathetic a victim ideology as contemporary radical feminism.

    Even modern-day Orthodox Jews LARPing as 17th century booze merchants from wintry Poland is a more authentic LARP than that.

    O we are indeed a world full of LARPs. If I’m to go fell meta here, I could say that pretty much all human identity is wrapped up in attachments to fleeting temporal phenomena. By that, I could say that it’s better that we at least keep our LARPs close to home.

  2. Lincoln valued intelligent women. Islam locks away and hides women. Harem ladies, while beautiful and talented, were literally locked away to please their one true master, the only one they knew with a dick/key. No WN type thought crimes? Almost every White was WN, Lincoln wanted all the blacks shipped out of America. Any blacks want to take the hot tub time machine back? By todays SJW standard Old America is evil White patriarchy, SJWs are play-acting as Americans.

    1. Well, at first glance it seems that way. But actually, the South fought a war to keep Blacks around. They obviously didn’t hate them that much – more like they loved them for the money the Blacks brought them.

        1. How can I make Halle Berry my house slave? Damn, I’d like to do some LARPing myself! Can I LARP the Antebellum South yet? I’m waiting.

      1. If you try to take our niggers away from us, we will kill you all!

        – The South, 1861.

        Hmmm, why am I thinking they didn’t hate Black people tooooo much?

        1. Alot of people tend to forget that the South DEFINITELY wanted to count slaves as full human beings at the time of the construction of the constitution whereas it was the North that did not. The 3/5ths part of the constitution was a creation of the North.

          They knew that if the South were able to count Blacks as full human beings, the South would have the numerical majority for purposes of apportionment, and whoever has such numbers strength controls Congress. The South therefore would be able to perpetuate slavery for many more generations. So the South wanted to COUNT slaves as human beings, but they didn’t want to TREAT them as human beings.

          1. Ah, so the 3/5 thing was actually an antislavery measure! I wondered about that. What about Dred Scott which upheld the fraction rule then? Was that really the evil SC decision that everyone says it was? All it did was uphold the antislavery fraction rule after all.

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