NYC as Islamic Revenge from Iran?

My British (spent a lot of his life in South Africa) friend in South Korea who was this “end of the world” Christian freak believed this. He took the verse in the Bible about Babylon falling to be sort of about the USA – but mostly about New York. I think he even expected it go down in the 2000’s when the Crusader W. Bush wars were going on.

This is definitely the worst scenario I think, but you never know. Some Islamists have stated they wanted Las Vegas as a target to get more sympathy because it’s viewed as scumbag haven anyhow.

What Would a Nuked NYC Look Like?

It would be uninhabitable for thousands of years, and I don’t know what the effect on the rest of the US would be, but certainly it would become a police state, and all of the worst fears of “disaster preppers/Prison Planet viewers”, WN’s etc. would come true.

Some WN’s have stated they want nukes on cities, but seriously, one in NYC, though horrible beyond imagination, is not enough to bring them into control.

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