Is Las Vegas Totally Devoid of a Soul?

Surprisingly no, and even more surprisingly, maybe not anymore than some regular American city.

I mean, people down and out at the least have lots of job options. As mentioned in a comment, they need people to clean hotels, wash dishes, cook etc. the same as in other areas of country, and probably way more so!

The standard exists in Vegas as elsewhere. There’s a fairly normal police force, hospitals, schools – you name it.

The Dark Side?

Well, if you fall – because of casinos or whores – you’re not getting any sympathy! It’s just tough shit. I mean, imagine being in a place like a strip club in Knoxville, TN – except in a place with 1000’s of such places, plus casinos. It’s a world where you have to man up and take responsibility because you asked for it by going there!

Normal America Has No soul?

Life anywhere in the US is tough if you don’t have any credit. I mean, whether it’s Vegas or Small Town Iowa, if you have no credit, banks can’t bail you out. Also, if you’re being a moron with the money – and that could happen with drug addiction or, if in Vegas, casino or strip club spending – then, as noted, expect no help, as maybe even bank loans, assuming you can get one, won’t save your ass!

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9 thoughts on “Is Las Vegas Totally Devoid of a Soul?”

  1. The capitalist system is evil and should burn down to the ground. Fuck the evil Jews to whom I owe money (Citibank’s one of them).

    N.B. This poster has just been confirmed to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Since he can’t afford medical treatment, he needs to ramble online. Read his future comments at your own risk. It’s better to ignore him and let him be since he’s harmless and otherwise enjoys this site. The warning message will not be removed by the poster till he feels he’s showing any visible improvement in his PTSD condition. Feel free to have a good laugh at the poster’s expense, he doesn’t mind. This message is not meant to scare anyone – have fun.

    1. @SHI, you say that, but if you were running the business, it would be a different matter. How can a bank or credit card company lend out to bad borrowers? They’d be out of business quick!

      O.K., someone like you might hate lousy Black employees, but you make excuses for lousy White borrowers (of money).

      1. How can a bank, credit card company lend out to bad borrowers?

        I think I have a major beef with the current financial system which is predatory. I like something similar to an “Islamic banking system” – it has no interest rates whatsoever. How about that? Some countries such as Malaysia actually practice an interest-free financial system which leaves no room for usury.

        I think all borrowers should benefit from a liberal, non credit score-based financial system. Black, Brown, White, Red, Yellow, doesn’t matter. Banks should not be allowed to discriminate just because of a low credit score.

        Just my two cents, I’m no economist.

  2. Just been diagnosed. I always thought I had the symptoms, so did a proper screening and my worst fears came true. I have received medication for now, but it requires six months of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). That kind of treatment costs a Hell of a lot.

    PTSD’s probably the worst, OCD + NPD + ASB + GAD, all rolled together. I think my symptoms really began after my mother’s death. It made me lose my sense of equilibrium.

    But the good thing is it can be treated. One has to ADMIT that they have the problem and change their attitude towards life. I think you said something that day on accepting one’s self with all the flaws. It kinda resonated with me. I should stop being a tough guy for a while…

    I am glad I had myself diagnosed finally. It’s giving me a whole new perspective on life. I’m not going to live in denial anymore. It’s OK to be weak and vulnerable.

    The doctor also advised me to avoid any movies, TV programs, or online video stuff which act as triggers.

    In a way I’m feeling greatly relieved.

      1. Popular misconception is that only combat veterans can be diagnosed with PTSD. Yes, they are definitely more vulnerable, but it can affect almost anyone after one/more traumatic events.

        Like all other mental illnesses, PTSD is also ranked according to a scale: it varies from Criterion A (traumatic event) to Criterion G (disturbance causing impairment) and I have met the requirements for the highest point of this scale. I have difficulty concentrating on work or anything else.

        My life won’t be the same again. I have to avoid negative things and triggers for a long time; also, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are definitely out. Any addictions can worsen the treatment plan.

        I am seeing all this as an opportunity to improve my life.

        1. Fascinating. I don’t know much about the condition, honestly. I’ve only known a few people who had it, and I’ve never worked with one clinically.

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