Creepy Observation at a Pet Store

I’m a bit queasy about buying insects to feed lizards. However, humans eat animals all the time just like lizards do, so it’s massively hypocritical! Despite that fact, it’s just fucking creepy to feed animals to other animals. They even had this formula you could buy to make the crickets bigger so they’d be more appealing to the lizards – lol.

Silence of the Lambs

Why are people upset when they see slaughterhouses (one scene is on Fast Food Nation)? Should it bother them? Are they weaklings because it does? But, honestly, it’s not a pleasant sight – in fact, some hunters argue their method of killing animals is a million times more honorable and less grotesque!

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8 thoughts on “Creepy Observation at a Pet Store”

  1. I wouldn’t feel one bit squeamish about feeding live insects to lizards (though I wouldn’t want one as a pet) or live laboratory rats to snakes. I mean that’s their thang, right?

    I have seen people feed live insects to aquarium fish. I would want an aquarium of my own, it’s a beautiful hobby.

    Food is food, what you’re gonna do about it, PETA and all you fucking vegans?

  2. Every now and then a snake lady gets killed by her pet snake. Women have trusted snakes too much since Genesis. One was found strangled recently by one of her snakes. Another thought it was cute her large snake would lie straight beside her in bed. Well, the snake was sizing her up to see if he could eat her.

  3. I don’t reptiles give a fuck about their owners. Cold-blooded. I don’t believe in lizard people but I will say elites today are very reptilian like. That Dupont that raped his own baby daughter, that’s the level of coldness a lot of elites. The elites are in league with the devil, there’s a dark spiritual taint. Jews as spiritual people and no strangers to immorality may have adapted well to this evil energy. A dog’ss like a slave that lives for master. Cats will warm up when they’re in the mood, like a free or independent person. A dogs can bark a blacks, cats can prefer male or female owners. Experiences matter, it’s a basic survival instinct to notice patterns. This sneaky snake or pack of wild hyenas tried to kill me, lesson learned. Race and gender realism is natural.

    1. Yeah, I don’t care for pets that don’t love back. Just leave them in nature. I mean, at the very least, consider that cages and being kept alone are animal cruelty.

      1. SJWs and gays are generally like mice that can’t get through mazes. I don’t hate them but they are easy prey for cats, snakes, ect.

        1. The problem is that some SJW causes are good – but many aren’t. However, SJWs want tolerance of everything – across the board.

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