Hollywood and Las Vegas: Two Fun but Cruel Towns

Polar Bear: As far as Hollywood as a gay mecca, Eyes Wide Shut is the closest most will see of it, but there are always VIP orgy gatherings. Kat Williams, Richard Nixon, and others have walked into some gay shit. Spirit cooking parties, Bohemian Grove, etc. are on record. I don’t believe they’re all gay, but gay sex is part of the rituals.

The music industry is highly involved in this stuff too. Check out Celine Dion promoting transgender baby clothes.

Any A-list star with long lasting fame has done some rituals. Don’t do the ritual? Go make low budget movies. If you don’t play ball, you’re a one-hit wonder or an underground artist.

I am afraid that Polar Bear is onto something here. I was around that place for many years. Hell, I practically lived there on weekends. It’s a blast but it’s insanely fagged out and so degenerate it almost makes you want to puke. And I’m a libertine!

Hollywood is a mean, vicious town. It literally eats people alive, chews them up, and spits them out when it’s done with them. Las Vegas is another cruel town. It also eats people alive and bulimically vomits them out when it’s done. Neither town gives a damn about you – or anyone, really.

Both towns are all about money and the nice things that money can buy, like everything in the world, including humans for sex – sex which is pretty much pump and go to the club to grab a new one. There’s narcissism everywhere in  Hollywood. Hollywood literally breathes, eats, sleeps, and even shits narcissism. Narcissism is the gas, Hollywood is the engine. No narcissism, no Hollywood.

Both towns are predatory, with the rich preying on the poor suckers filled with the naive hope of fame or riches in both places. Both cities seem soulless and post-Christian or possibly never even Christian in the first place, as in heathen.

Both Hollywood and Vegas are in a race for the bottom behavior-wise, and no one gives a damn in either place. No one gives a damn about what? Anything. No one gives a damn about anything.

A lot of people move to Hollywood and LA to party their brains out for a while and then die. LA is literally a suicide trip for a lot of people. If narcissism is the gas for the Hollywood engine, nihilism is the exhaust.

Check out Sunset Boulevard in cinema, Nathaniel West or John Rechy in literature, or the Eagles, X, and the Germs in music for more. LA’s right on the edge of the sea after all. One earthquake and it all falls into the surf. LA is literally the end of a continent, and after you spend some time there, it really feels like it. It’s a lot of fun if you can take it, but it’s basically a stone evil town with pretty much zero morals about anything.

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2 thoughts on “Hollywood and Las Vegas: Two Fun but Cruel Towns”

  1. I’ve been to a club in Berlin called Sodom & Gomorrah. It’s surely expensive but can get the finest puss in Europe as long as you don’t mind the faggots making out everywhere. Once you make it inside (took the help of a Black dude), almost pretty much anything goes.

    It’s like Satan would be right at home in that degenerate den. There are more such places all over Europe. I’ve been everywhere, but this was the most degenerate place I’ve ever been to.

    Pro tip: Never use their gents toilet as the fags might block your way on the way out. You’re better off using the ladies toilet. The women are degenerate so they don’t really mind.

    I take it that Hollywood and Las Vegas will be 10 times more intense than what I saw in that club. In that case, I’ve had my fill with that kind of degeneracy.

    Hell, did someone not already name Hollywood and Law Vegas as Sodom & Gomorrah? Maybe they should.

  2. Yeah, we will help when your down on your luck – just show your ass on stage LOL.

    Well, it would be about who has something to offer. Anyway, even so-called ugly men could survive in Vegas because I’m sure they can get a job. Jobs must be a dime a dozen there (dishwashing, cooks, cleaning hotels etc..), and also I’m guessing they would spot you some money as an advance or if you lost it or something.

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