Alt Left: Women Are Not Stupid At All – They Just Seem That Way to Us Men and Vice Versa


Girl: “Where you’re from?”

Me: “You know, girl, Detroit?’”

Girl: “No need to swag. You’re not Black, you must be Pakistani or something.”

That’s one smart chick. Women are actually way smarter than we give them credit for. They’re also funny as Hell, especially young women. College girls can be hilarious. Junior high girls are experts at pranks and role-playing games.

Women are just as smart as we are at the moment. They used to be four points behind us, but even then, I met so many smart women it was ridiculous. I’ve known several women with IQ’s of 140+, including one with  156 IQ and another with a 160 IQ.

The 156 IQ woman was literally the fastest thinking human being I have ever met. Also she picked up on new concepts very fast. I would mention something she had never heard of, and she would ask me what that was. I would explain it to her, and it only took her a few minutes to digest the whole concept and get it.

I had 140 IQ girlfriend who was lightning fast too. She would get my jokes instantly, almost as soon as they left my mouth and would almost immediately make some comment on them, often to tell me how absurd the joke was. She was just BAM BAM BAM BAM! Jackhammer smart.

We think women have these little tiny pea brains because of the way they think. To us, female thinking and communication styles seem utterly insipid. Think of women sitting around gabbing about clothes, makeup, hot guys, or gossip and you’ll know what I mean. They seem like birdbrains – literally human songbirds idiotically chirping away and flitting around like birds at a feeder.

Young women seem especially ridiculous to us. But really, as I noted, that is simply because their thinking styles seem idiotic to us men. And that “ridiculous” nature of the female thinking style – exemplified in the giggly, idiotic high school girl – is particularly prominent among teenage girls and young women. They’re silly as Hell. They’re also a blast if you are young enough to enjoy them.

And let’s be fair now – I once told a female best friend that we women think women are idiots, and she laughed and said

That’s ok. We women all think men are idiots too.

I’ve been told that women think we are pinheads because of the way we think. Think of a bunch of men together partying.

The beer starts flowing and pretty soon they are acting like fools, joking or talking in a frivolous or juvenile way about sports and arguing about politics for no good reason other than because we men love a fight.  Pretty soon the room full of grown men degenerates into a room full of 13 year old boys. The fart jokes and falling on the floor laughing and clowning soon begins.

To women this looks exactly like what it is – men devolving into 13 year old boys, and retarded 13 year old boys at that. But we men are not stupid. We just seem that way to women because of the way we think that it is so different from the way that they think.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Women Are Not Stupid At All – They Just Seem That Way to Us Men and Vice Versa”

  1. I believe they use their brains on stuff that doesn’t matter. Fluffers full of fluff. A woman’s thoughts read like fantasy fiction.

    A man has truth and logic as a base. A woman can weaken that and often does. I’ve seen posters here act differently with women.

    It’s natural and enjoyable to be around them, but it’s also lowering. Women can fill the men in their lives with hot air which feel good but also leaves you vulnerable, for any man can pop that balloon with a penis of logical force and true aim.

    Like sex itself, the man loses vitamins, and the woman gains some. Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves which get them high. Men in need of women are similar.

    A man with all sisters can get softened by them. Men need masculine influence too.

    Men are in God’s image; women are what God considered beautiful. Satan was the most beautiful angel before the fall.

    Women are fun, inspiring, and beautiful. They are first person we see in our lives, so we should protect and guide them. They bring us into the world, but it’s a man’s world nevertheless.

  2. All true but I tell you…if men could HOLD that muh dick for 15 minutes longer, they could have any woman melt into their arms. It’s our absence of delayed gratification which kills our Game. So if you failed the marshmallow test as a kid, you’re going to kill your chances with women.

    But we can always retrain ourselves to not cave in so fast, to remain a step ahead of the game.

    So if you have to send her a text right now, it’s better to postpone it for tomorrow for a time when you don’t really care if she answers or not. That way she remains hooked. The more unpredictable you are, the more she is drawn towards you.

    Women on the other hand are like 12-year old children. They want everything right now, dammit. So you gotta be the man and not give in to their demands immediately.

  3. I’ve never been much into sports, but politics has always drawn me in, and I love fighting about politics. However, stuff like this going to turn people into beasts (Identity Politics etc.), so the best call is to avoid the subject, but that’s tough for males.

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