Why Is Politics Tearing up the World?

You know –  nationalism, racism, Identity Politics? Well, one reason – as noted by @Robert Lindsay – is because men love to talk trash politics, and women can get into it quite a bit also.

Anyway, asking a man to avoid talking politics is like asking him to not talk about sports. Good luck with that. Due to ADHD, I cannot pay attention to sports, though I love to play them. Since I can’t pay attention to them, I can’t follow them, so they’re not enjoyable for me to discuss. But politics is another matter, and I can write whole novels about politics!

The Problem with These Days

With all this hateful Identity Politics going on, it’s best to avoid politics, even it seems cowardly to do so. That’s going to be tough for males to do. However, there’s one thing for sure, and that’s that things are getting massively partisan and violent. And if you run your mouth, you may have to get ready to fight. Yet the world political scene is so partisan and violent that it seems unworldly, almost like a Zombie Apocalypse.


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One thought on “Why Is Politics Tearing up the World?”

  1. Everyone thinks their own problems are the worst. I don’t think Jason’s late sister should have bullied for curly hair. Hell, I think curls on girls are attractive. Being skinny is generally better than fat, some skinny folks want fat on their ass. Some Blacks believe their big dick stereotype is worse than Asians’ little dick stereotype.

    Every fringe misfit thinks their issues are the most important. I’ve seen the disorder of SJW’s in the same room: Point of privilege – men with legs open triggers me…Point of privilege – Whites looking at me is scary, but when they look away, I feel like they hate my race.

    These touchy fucks are triggered by their own delusions and insecurities. Nothing good grows when everyone is offended by everything…

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