But Isn’t Anti-Jewish Sentiment Just the Bitching of Royals?

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were made, guess when? The French Revolution lol. Is that a surprise? On top of that, of course the Russian Revolution or anything else progressive in the world is always blamed on scheming Jews, mainly because it’s mostly royals etc. who get their heads chopped off in revolutions LOL. What do you expect?

Given this scenario, can we still take antisemitism as something real, or, again, is it just butthurt people in power?

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2 thoughts on “But Isn’t Anti-Jewish Sentiment Just the Bitching of Royals?”

  1. The WASP elite in America were closer to the common man. Elite Jews are out of touch – even alien – new money tricksters. Remember Rothschild tricking everyone for profit at the Napoleonic sunset? It’s foolish to make light of scheming greedy Jews.

    No one’s arguing Jews are responsible for everything bad in the world as you, Trash, and every other Jew defender implies. The fact is that elite Jews are out for themselves alone to the detriment of Gentiles and little Jews. I admire their slyness, but a fox shouldn’t control a hen house.

    1. O.K., the royals oppress the people. They fight back – but they were mistaken – cause they were really living in a paradise – lol – but some scheming Jews brainwashed them into thinking otherwise!

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